[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIX - Rath-Iren

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The lizard man dropped into a low crouch and began throwing out tripping leg hooks on as many of the blue smurfs as he could get to.

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At the door to this room the pounding grows.  Ted, now left alone to handle holding it closed while Talas opened fire on the sarcophagus, seems to be struggling, his reptilian eyes squinting with the strain, his muscles quivering so badly he must surely be near collapse. Then, even as Zandeeli leaps up to help him hold the door, it bursts open, revealing several of the blue dwarfs literally standing on the squashed remains of their compatriots.

Immediately they strike out, one hitting Zandeeli in the head with a glowing spear. It passes through Zandeeli's helm, and comes out the other side. His body convulses and then he drops to the ground.  Within seconds there are seven or eight of the creatures in the room.

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