[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIX - Rath-Iren

White Mist white.mist at execulink.com
Mon Aug 24 03:20:51 BST 2009

Zandeeli pulls out his flash light, revealing a woman lying on the 
ground where the coffin was last seen.  Though Zandeeli, Raven and Lyle 
do not know her, the others do.  It is Lady Frost, their companion who 
had been near death in the last battle with the demon.  She is naked and 
seemingly still unconscious, with an iron band around her throat and a 
plain iron ring on her left ring finger.


Immediately they strike out, one hitting Zandeeli in the head with a 
glowing spear.  It passes through Zandeeli's helm, and comes out the 
other side. His body convulses and then he drops to the ground.  Within 
seconds there are seven or eight of the creatures in the room.

"ZANDEELI!!" Raven yells out with shock and surprise as she saw the 
knight fall to the blue dwarves. She grit her teeth and snarled and 
briefly thought about going to the knight but knew his wound was 
definitely mortal. Instead she made her way to the naked form of the 
woman, and had asked of the others, "I think we should all teleport out 
of here! Give me a moment!"

Raven bent over the woman (Lady Frost) and raised her hands palm open 
over her.

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