[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIX - Rath-Iren

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Talas turns towards the door. Stows his rifle and draws his swords. Talas then steps towards Ted. And begins the grim task of killing the dwarfs one at a time.

I've forgotten. Were is the Mayer's daughter?

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> [Alex]
> The Coalition Ranger has a vibro-blade but she does not
> draw it. 
> Instead, she turns to the blue attackers and continues
> firing with her 
> rifle. She will retreat back if she needs to. "Any ideas?"
> she asks to 
> nobody in particular
> [/Alex]
> Aaron Corley wrote:
> > [Ted]
> > The lizard man dropped into a low crouch and began
> throwing out tripping leg hooks on as many of the blue
> smurfs as he could get to.
> > [/Ted]
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