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This is the idea I posted on the PML mailing list.  I think this is
the method I'm going to shift too, once I fine tune the details.
Prowl has always been a pain for me as a GM and as a player, because
the base skill percentage is so low, and unless you get a lot of
bonuses or are higher level, the odds are against you ever doing any
kind of sneaking around.

Oh, and I guess I'm not going to get any more posts for the section of
the party in the pocket dimension.  I'm going to assume Owen uses the
device and go from there.  I'll post tomorrow.

Aaron Clausen

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The problem with Prowl is that it's only really used in stress situations.

I'm going to suggest to my players that it be changed to a savings
throw, dispense with percentile roll, and give the character with the
Prowl skill a bonus every level or every few levels.  That seems a
more logical use of the skill, and also means I can assign a base roll
for players without the skill (say 12 as a base, with maybe the person
you're trying to sneak past making it more difficult if the have a
high IQ or ME acting as a sort of perception modifier).

Aaron Clausen

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