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> > [GM]
> > Brian quickly hands the device to Owen, but at that moment the producer of
> > the swishing sounds come into view.  Several plain metal boxes, maybe a
> > dozen, each about nine inches square
> >
> > Both Alex's and Owen's Sixth Sense screams as the boxes come into view.
> > As they appear the spray out clouds of black gas that within seconds has
> > anyone without environmental armor or some sort of gas mask choking.
> > Visibility quickly becomes all but impossible.  Then more swishing can be
> > heard, this time accompanied by gunfire.
> >
> > As the gas closes in, Brian is struck in the arm, severing it.  He screams
> > and falls to the ground.
> > [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex is going to try a few different settings with her night vision
> equipment to see if she can see through the gas and stuff. Her helmet
> popped down as soon as the gas errupted. "Boy, they sure like gas."
> [/Alex]

While not perfect, Alex is now more able to see who is firing weapons.
There are at least a dozen figures.  Eight appear to be crew members,
all wearing the same emotionless expression, firing robotically and
adequately, but hardly with any expertise.

The other four are quite different, humanoid beings with scaly,
fish-like skin, fins in the back, two gangley feet and two long arms
ending in long, thin hands.  Their have large green goggles on their
eyes.  On their backs are some sort of packs with tubes leading
into their chest cavities.  All four are holding large energy rifles, but
none are firing, seemingly content to let the crew members do the

One of the fish men can be heard crying "Advansss!", and the crew
members starting moving through the thick haze.

Suddenly, behind the party there comes the smell of ozone, and a
sharp bright flash.  It appears the device Brian gave Owen has opened
a doorway in the side of this pocket dimension, leading, so far as they
can tell, straight into the sub's bridge.  There are crew members manning
the stations, as well as four armed fish men, but instead of a captain, a
giant floating brain with three eyes on venous neural-like stalks floats
in the midst of the bridge.  Organic-like tubes poke into and out of various
points on what would be the frontal lobes and cerebral cortex.  There is
a black orb shoved between the two hemispheres.

On the sub's view screens can be seen the ocean floor and what appears
to be a series of domes and connecting tubes.  Most of the domes are
cracked and clearly filled with water, but one has a few lights on.

At that moment, one of the fish men notices the door way and shouts
out in a strange, croaky language.  "Kwaakhaaarssssaaaa!!!"

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