[Taocow PBEM] [Koba, Carlos, Lyle, Talas] Book 3 - Chapter I - Engine Room

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Thu Dec 10 23:39:05 GMT 2009


Lyle watches as the events unfold. He is torn between helping Carlos
and Talas or protecting Koba while he does the over ride. Realizing he
has no choice he decides to cover Koba. He puts himself between Koba
and the fishmen. He notices the uncertainty in the crew members. He
stands up straighter and assumes a very commanding presence and tone
of voice.

"Crew of the Depthbreaker, wake up!" He calls a couple of them by
names. "Shake off what these guys did have done. We need to save the
Depthbreaker and ourselves so you can get home to your families in New
Argile." Any of the ones he knows with families, he'll single them out
and remind them of their kids, grandparents, wives, girlfriends, etc.
"Help us out and fire on the brain and fishmen!"


OOC: Lyle will do whatever he can to keep the fishmen off Koba. He'll
give it all, hoping between the speech and his actions, he can break
the remaining hold on the crew members. He's got his psi sword and
shield up and going, if he needs to go on offense, he'll drop the
sword and pop the second sword.

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