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OOC: Raven's player hasn't posted, hope their not MIA, anyways,
onwards and upwards...

> > [GM]
> > Before anyone else can react, Owen and Ted (stepping through first),
> > blast into the brain.  It spins around like an out of control top.  The
> > shots strike it in the mid-brain with a sizzling sound, and the brain
> > falls to the floor quivering, though the quivering light seems to brighten
> > around the black orb and Owen and Alex, both with psionic powers,
> > can feel the brain's formidable psionic powers somehow aiming at them.
> >
> > There's no time to guess at the nature of the attack.  Pandemonium
> > has broken out on the bridge, with fishmen leaping behind chairs
> > for cover and crewmembers suddenly strangely confused, hands moving
> > to controls, then away, then to, then away, as if stuck in some sort
> > of loop.
> >
> > And then the real surprise, an vaguely electronic voice in a light
> > Scottish accent begins speaking.
> >
> > "Warning... warning... hull breach in engineering.  Lowering
> > blast doors and emergency bulkheads.  Engineering and
> > Section One being sealed off in thirty seconds...  29... 28..."
> >
> > The brain, still smoking, seems to right itself.  "Kalzak um!"
> > it says through the black orb, and then, in American, "Continue
> > procedures, ignore intruders."  With that the crewmembers again
> > begin moving purposefully.
> >
> > A beam shoots out of the brain at Owen [Strike: 4], missing
> > him, but doing a troubling amount of damage to the bulkhead
> > behind him.
> >
> > And then the crew begin looking confused. All the screens
> > in the bridge have gone dead.  All the monitors, sensors
> > and controls go dark, and even the lights switch off, leaving
> > only red emergency lights.
> >
> > "Akzak!" the brain shouts in a distorted roar.  "You will
> > pay, intruders!"
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man fires on the brain again [Strike: 10, Damage: 32MD].
> [/Ted]

Another shot strikes the brain, spinning it around and doing more noticeable
damage.  The brain does manage to retaliate with another bolt of energy
[Strike: 10].  Ted manages to dodge the shot [Dodge: 13], and another bolt nails

OOC: Correction, they aren't lizard men, they're fish men.  I've
corrected it in Alex's post.

> [Alex]
> See the fish men through the smoke, Alex states, "There are four fish
> creatures which seem to be leading the others. Well, directing."
> She adds hastily, "Cover your ears." This is loud enough for her
> companions to here but not the fishemn hopefully.
> Because it does not do as much shipboard damage, she will fire a
> concussion grenade at them if they are close together.
> [/Alex]

Alex fires the grenade perfectly [Strike: Natural 20!], landing amidst the
fishmen.  The grenade blows up, blowing the fishmen off their feet
[Damage: 80MD], doing some damage to the bridge, but apparently
taking them out of commission, as they roll around on the floor, the
tubes connecting to their strange backpacks disconnected and spraying
a bluish gas.

> [Owen]
> Owen blasts at the brain with another mind bolt.  [Strike: 15]
> [/Owen]

The brain is struck again [Damage: 40MD].  It falls to the floor, where it
quivers, emits a high pitched whine, but does little else.

It's at that moment that they notice water trickling the damaged bulkhead.
The sirens, of course, continue unabated.  The computerized voice continues
to count down "7... 6... 5..."

Suddenly everyone feels their stomachs jump into their chests, as if the
sub had become one great big roller coaster ride.  Out of the viewer can
be seen the ship rising away from the ruined domes, and what looks like
a rather long chain anchored to the bottom, which is becoming more taut
as the sub rises.

The the sub stops with a bone rattling shudder.  Everyone is thrown around
[2 SDC for everyone not of megadamage constitution).  When everyone
manages to regain their senses, they can clear see the chain has somehow
been attached to the submarine.

The crew, now seemingly more in control of themselves, slowly begin
checking out sensors.  Still, they're disorganized and uncoordinated.
At that moment, the bridge door opens to reveal Koba, Lyle and Talas.
Talas is carrying a bloodied Carlos, as well as Louissa in a rather tight

OOC: And now we join the company together again...

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