[Taocow PBEM] [Koba, Carlos, Lyle, Talas] Book 3 - Chapter I - Engine Room

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> > [GM]
> > ...
> >
> > Lyle and Koba are in an area of the engine room that is slightly
> > higher, so the water as yet isn't above their ankles, but it's coming
> > fast.  Talas has been jumbled around like he had just taken a ride
> > on a cannonball.  Carlos was flung against the far wall, and without
> > adequate armor is simply laying there, about equidistant between
> > Talas and Lyle, unconscious, his head covered in blood.
> >
> > Somehow, in the midst of all this chaos, Koba manages to find
> > the circuit triggers that cut off the bridge.  It's complex, but as the
> > water is up around their knees, and the count is "21... 20..."
> > suddenly the bridge activity monitoring systems show the bridge
> > has lost control of the engines, reactor and navigation.
> >
> > The fish men are quickly diving into the water, swimming with
> > impressive speed and power towards Koba and Lyle.  The
> > crewmembers that haven't been swept against the wall seem
> > strangely uncertain, raising and lowering their weapons.
> >
> > "19... 18...." the voice counts.
> > [/GM]

> [Lyle]
> Lyle watches as the events unfold. He is torn between helping Carlos
> and Talas or protecting Koba while he does the over ride. Realizing he
> has no choice he decides to cover Koba. He puts himself between Koba
> and the fishmen. He notices the uncertainty in the crew members. He
> stands up straighter and assumes a very commanding presence and tone
> of voice.
> "Crew of the Depthbreaker, wake up!" He calls a couple of them by
> names. "Shake off what these guys did have done. We need to save the
> Depthbreaker and ourselves so you can get home to your families in New
> Argyle." Any of the ones he knows with families, he'll single them out
> and remind them of their kids, grandparents, wives, girlfriends, etc.
> "Help us out and fire on the brain and fishmen!"
> [/Lyle]

The crew begin to nod, as if coming out of a deep sleep.  "Aye..." some
say weakly, then "Aye!", a little louder.  Suddenly some grab whatever
weapon they have, even wrenches, and look for the nearest fishman, and
if nothing else, beat on them.

> [Talas]
> As soon as Talas's head clears he will run over to Carlos pick him up.
> And then call out " Gentlemen we need to get out of here before we find
> our selves trapped behind these doors! Run for it! I'll clear the way!" With
> that Talas will make his way towards the door. Putting all his strength
> into sending anything that gets in his way across the room.
> [/Talas]

Talas's powerful body pushes through the deepening water.  Even with
Carlos, this mighty Elf finds little difficulty.  As he approaches the door,
he sees the crew, liberated from the mind control, begin bashing on the

> [Koba]
> "Clear a way to the door. We need to get out of here." With that Koba will
> try to spend his last few moments setting the ship's navigation to head to
> the surface automatically before locking the terminal. In the last few
> moments of the countdown he will make a full out sprint to get under the
> closing bulkhead finished or not.
> [/Koba]

There's no time left to finish reprogramming navigation, the best Koba can
do is blow the ballast and hope for the best.  Sprinting is impossible, between
the water, and the fishmen, it's all he and Lyle can do to get to the door.

Both Koba and Lyle are forced to fight they're way.  Koba's opens fire on the
approaching fishmen, spraying them [Strike: 7, Hit: 3 fishmen, Damage: 40MD].

The fishmen that make it through Koba's fire have to deal with Lyle.  Lyle cuts
into the remaining two fishmen [Strikes: 10 and 15].  Neither fishman does much
in the way of a dodge [Dodges: 5 and 4], and Lyle's psi-sword slices into them
[Damage: 9MD and 6MD].  Though it does not pierce the force fields, they
move back, giving Koba and Lyle enough time to reach the door.

"7... 6... 5..." the voice says.  The crewmembers are on Koba and Lyle's
tails, trying to reach the closing bulkhead.  A couple do not make it as
the bulkhead closes of loud clang.  A tiny glass portal reveals the chaos
on the other side as the two crewmen, realizing they're doomed, instead
turn their attention to the remaining fishmen.

Carlos, covered in blood, seems to regain consciousness.  "I owe you one,
Talas." he manages to say.

At that moment there's a powerful shudder that knocks everyone off their
feet and does a bit of bruising (2 SDC for everyone but those of megadamage
constitution).  It's not clear what has happened, but it certainly hasn't been
enough time to reach the surface.

"Let's get to the bridge." one of the crewmen says groggily.  As they
make their way forward, they can see other crewmembers in similar
condition; a little confused, almost dozy, but still, not seemingly controlled
any more.

Louissa suddenly appears out of the medical bay, blood all over her hands.
"I managed to get one of 'em." she says drowsily.  She becomes much more
aware when she sees Talas, and she runs, as best she can in her state, to
embrace him.

At the bridge, the strange organic lock is laying on the ground.  A crew woman
missing an arm, is hacking at it with some sort of laser scapel.  The door opens
to reveal the chaos on the bridge.  Raven, Ted, Owen and Alex are
there, the bridge
looks like a small bomb went off in it.  Four fishmen lay on the
floor, and the view
screen reveals the sub seemingly chained to the seafloor, and beyond, some sort
of domed underwater city, most of the domes cracked and covered in a
lay of sediment,
but one dome lit up.

OOC: And now we join the company together again...

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