[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II

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As the rejoined adventurers look on, their suddenly appears another
walking, talking lizard, in a Navy uniform.  The lizard creature's
face is caked in blood, and it's resting heavily on an improvised
crutch.  Someone mutedly says "Captain on the bridge."

She looks at Ted and Owen.  "I see you made it back alright.  These
must be your companions.  We owe them all a great deal, and I intend
to pay them back, if we make it out of this alive."

As the adventurers stand there, Zalquain goes to each station.  While
she is moving a little groggily, she's not nearly as affected, it
seems, as the rest of the crew.  After a few moments she shakes her

"No sight of the enemy." she says.  "But my gut tells me they're
waiting.  Get someone in here to get that brain to Medical.  The
doctor, when he has recovered, will want to see it."

She turns back to the adventurers.  "In the meantime, it's very clear
we have three very large problems.  One is our engine room filled with
water, which means no propulsion.  The reactor is still providing
power, but as soon as we get some sort of manual control, we'll have
to switch to batteries.  The third problem is that they've tied us to
the sea floor, and there's no getting out of here until we can free
ourselves.  According to sonar, the chain goes under the sediment and
into that dome."

"It gets even worse." she says.  "Below those domes is a huge bubble
of methane.  Maybe this was some sort of ancient methane mining
operation, or maybe they just built it on top of the deposit for ready
fuel, but if I launch torpedoes at it, we'll surface alright, in a
thousand pieces."

She sighs.  "We owe you people a lot, but I need to ask you for more
help.  My crew is still trying to get over the effects of... whatever
it was.  I can spare you a pilot and one of our minisubs, but I need
you to get into that dome, free us and get us out of here.  If you can
figure out what trapped us, that would be good too, or you can just
kill it or them.  Think you're up to it?"

Aaron Clausen
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