[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II

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"I locked the bridge controls out from the engine room before I blew the
ballast. If you can get a damage control team there through the flooding,
you will be able to get better control from the bridge. I'm sorry to say a
few of the crew did not make it in the firefight in the engine room. We're
in the same mess as you and your crew now that we're stuck below the sea
here. We'll have to go unhook the ship if we want to see the surface any
time soon. Let us get some supplies and our gear then we can go. Has your
ship traveled in these waters before or seen any of these fish men before?"


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> "But where did it come from? Is it connected with those domes in some way?"
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> A pained expression crosses the Captain's face.  "It is, I think, what
> controlled us." she replies.  "Certainly when it was injured, it's
> control slipped.  I am unsure as to how they managed to control us to
> begin with, but I suspect that somehow they must have been able to
> gain access to at least one crew member's mind."
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