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> > [GM]
> > ...
> >
> > She sighs.  "We owe you people a lot, but I need to ask you for more
> > help.  My crew is still trying to get over the effects of... whatever
> > it was.  I can spare you a pilot and one of our minisubs, but I need
> > you to get into that dome, free us and get us out of here.  If you can
> > figure out what trapped us, that would be good too, or you can just
> > kill it or them.  Think you're up to it?"
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "It is good to finally meet you, captain," Ted states with a slight bow.
> "If you can provide me with a welding torch or similar instrument, I can
> go out there and cut the chain. That will solve the methane problem
> without having to go to the domes."
> [/Ted]

> > [GM]
> > "It certainly would," the Captain agrees, "but I have a pretty good feeling
> > you wouldn't live long enough to cut the cable.  They've withdrawn for now,
> > but there's a number of those fish men out there, and I don't feel like sending
> > people out to get shot up.  Besides, we're without power.  They got to us
> > while we were in shallow depths, I'd like to make sure that they can't get to
> > us once we surface.  You and your people have shown great skill at dealing
> > with these fish men and their masters.  I'm hoping, at the very least, you can
> > get some sort of intelligence on them."
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "As you wish. Speaking of intelligence, what do you know about this brain-thing?"
> [/Ted]

> > [GM]
> > A pained expression crosses the Captain's face.  "It is, I think, what
> > controlled us." she replies.  "Certainly when it was injured, it's
> > control slipped.  I am unsure as to how they managed to control us to
> > begin with, but I suspect that somehow they must have been able to
> > gain access to at least one crew member's mind."
> > [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "With Osiris in your sick bay, I really don't want to leave you. I have
> abandoned just too many companions and I absolutely hate it." The fire
> haired scout shakes her head.
> [/Alex]

The Captain nods.  "I can understand that.  If you do not wish to go, would
it be possible to put you on our security detail.  I have a feeling we will see
some new attempt to get to us soon, and not all the crew, I suspect, can
be trusted."

> [Alex]
> Cocking her head, she asks, "You don't happen to have any spare grenades
> which I can restock my supplies with?"
> [/Alex]

"We have sufficient stores to rearm all of you." she replies.  "I'm sure you all
need E-clips and new armor."  She gives Carlos a sideways look.

> [Ted]
> "But where did it come from? Is it connected with those domes in some way?"
> [/Ted

"They came at us while we were in the swamp." she says.  "It is a certainty
that they are connected to this domed settlement."

> [Koba]
> "I locked the bridge controls out from the engine room before I blew the
> ballast. If you can get a damage control team there through the flooding,
> you will be able to get better control from the bridge. I'm sorry to say a
> few of the crew did not make it in the firefight in the engine room. We're
> in the same mess as you and your crew now that we're stuck below the sea
> here. We'll have to go unhook the ship if we want to see the surface any
> time soon. Let us get some supplies and our gear then we can go. Has your
> ship traveled in these waters before or seen any of these fish men before?"
> [/Koba]

"We have never been this far south before." she replies.  "Indeed, what
little we know of these waters comes from a few fishermen and merchants,
neither of which reported anything like this.  We do know that in the
pre-Rift days the seafloor was dotted with bases and other facilities.
Clearly this must be one of them, but I'll wager those brains and fishmen
are not the original inhabitants."

> [Owen]
> "Captain, you have that pocket dimension here on the sub, and we were
> able to move here by opening an additional door here on the bridge.  Would
> it be possible to open a door off of the submarine, say under or near the
> dome?"
> [/Owen]

The Captain thinks for a moment.  "It might work." she says.  "It just might
work.  The distance is a bit far, but if our Technowizard could determine
something, well...  Is there a dimensional expert among you?"

Raven meekly puts up her hand.

"Very well," the Captain says.  "I suggest you take your companion to
sick bay."  She looks to Alex.  "You will also find your other companion
there.  You can also resupply yourselves."

She looks to Raven.  "Come with me, young lady." she says.  She then
turns one of the crew.  "Take the injured man to sick bay.  Take the others
to the armory."  With that she and Raven depart.

As the crewman approaches, Carlos waves him away.  "I can walk." he
says.  "Just point me to sick bay."

The crewman looks a little disbelieving at Carlos, but nods.  "Alright," he
says in his own thick Scottish brogue, "'tis the third door to the left.  I
do nae think anyone will have a problem seeing ye are hurt."

To the others, he says, "Follow me then."  With that he leaves the
bridge too, and down a few doors to one called 'Armory'.  He punches a
long code into a keypad by the door and it opens up, revealing a large
room (for a submarine) that has what must be enough energy weapons
to provision a small army, as well as grenades, grenade launchers,
mini-missiles, several suits of armor, all in the colors and decoration
of the rest of the sub's crew, but mainly looking to be Triax manufacture.
In fact, most of the weapons look to be from Triax.

Carlos, seemingly having got lost on his way to sickbay, walks in to
the armory.  "I'm feeling better already." he says.

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