[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II

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Ted surveyed the available weapons and ordnance. He traded in his rifle for something with better range and a higher penetration factor [aka, more damage], hoping not to loose portability in the mix. He also selected a couple grenades and sought out a vibrosword to replace the one he had borrowed from Osiris.

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To the others, he says, "Follow me then."  With that he leaves the bridge too, and down a few doors to one called 'Armory'. He punches a long code into a keypad by the door and it opens up, revealing a large
room (for a submarine) that has what must be enough energy weapons to provision a small army, as well as grenades, grenade launchers, mini-missiles, several suits of armor, all in the colors and decoration of the rest of the sub's crew, but mainly looking to be Triax manufacture. In fact, most of the weapons look to be from Triax.

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