[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness

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As everyone (except Alister) sleeps, strange sounds and visions seem
to dance around, just beyond perception.  After a time these strange
visions seem to disappear and everyone enters a deep sleep.

Suddenly, and all at once, everyone feels as if they are falling,
their stomachs almost nauseous from the acceleration.  Then they stop.
 Slowly everyone finds themselves sitting by a tree heavy with some
strange golden fruit.  Nearby a small stream babbles.  Beyond is a
land of golden fields of grass.  A warm sun hangs in the sky.

And then there is a beautiful woman, in long white robes.  Though her
body is youthful, her eyes are deep and ancient.

"Some of you have met me, some of you have not." she says.  "But all
of you have had the faith to heed my call.  Fell deeds are afoot now,
and my time is short.  The K'murd-faka makes war now, but that is
simply an act of vengeance its masters permit it.  The K'murd-faka now
prepares the true battle, to re-enter Rath-Iren and awaken his masters
in all their horror and might.  It is up to you to reach Rath-Iren, to
enter the Shrine to Eternal Hell, to destroy the Door to the First
Dimension, and forever deprive the Eldest Gods from their creation."

Suddenly the air itself seems to ripple.  The sun, once warm, suddenly
becomes small and cold.  The fields seem to wither, the tree becomes
ashen, and the fruit shrivel.  The stream freezes.  The woman wizens,
her hands withering into claws, her beautiful face became ancient and
horrible.  She stumbles and then falls against the tree.

"I... I... have miscalculated." she says, her voice dry and croaking.
"Go... now.  Do as I have asked."  She waves an arm as shrunken as a
burned branch.

All goes dark, blackness beyond anything imaginable.  And then there is a voice.
"Wake up!  Come on, wake up!"  Their eyes open to see Alister, looking
tired and more than a little annoyed.

"The ice lady's army is outside." Alister says.  "What did you guys
take, sleeping pills?  The council is waiting for you."

Just as Alister says, outside are at least two hundred elves, some in
armor with fine weapons, and others in rougher gear.  About two dozen
knights sit on horses.  At the front of them stand the council.

"That was one helluva dream." Amanda says.  "Well, I guess we put on
our brave faces."

The tall, outspoken Councilor comes through the door.  "Your *army* is
here, m'lady.  he says to Amanda. "Who among you is sneaking in?  I
have been asked to be your guide.  We must leave now, before first

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