[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness

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OOC: This is the post for Koba, Owen, Carlos, Talas, Ted, Sia, Alister and

While Lady Frost and Alex lead the small Elf army away, one of the Elves, a
young woman in simple clothing of green and brown introduces herself.

"I am Maiea," she says in accented American.  "I have been commanded to lead
you by the hidden ways.  We must make good speed.  You will take your... 
vehicles, yes."  It's clearly not a question.

In short order, the vehicles are driving due south, away from the town and
the marching army.  Maiae orders Carlos to keep close to the ground, fearing
that there might even be spies here.

Within about fifteen minutes they've come to the tall earthen "defensive"
wall, and the southern border of the Republic.  A few guards are posted at a
narrow gate, barely big enough to let the vehicles through, and then they
have left the small nation.

The land beyond is much as the army will see a couple of hours later, filled
with tall, forboding stands of trees and ruins.  There are no high mounds,
but after about a half an hour of careful driving, they come upon a vast
plain, blackened and dead, without any sign of plants or animals.  At the
edge of site, can be seen the glinting of the river.

"The Black Plain..." Maiae says in a hushed tone.  "We must cross, but let
us do it quickly."

Despite Maiae's obvious fear, nothing particularly awful happens when they
drive on to the plain.  The ground is rough and rocky, and the black color
seems to be nothing more than blackened stumps and plants, perhaps from a
recent brushfire.

Suddenly the ground begins to shake horribly, and a powerful, cold wind
blows.  Right in front the company rises threee whirlwinds of blackened dirt
that within moments form into three giant, vaguely humanoid figures with
massive arms and legs that terminate in hands and feet that look more
massive blocks of stone.  Each stands about ten feet tall.  They leap
forward, intent on smashing the vehicles and whoever are in them.

  Louissa    - 20
  Monster 1  - 18
  Koba       - 14
  Alister    - 13
  Ted        - 12
  Talas      - 11
  Monster 2  -  9
  Carlos     -  8
  Sialillion -  6
  Monster 3  -  5
  Monster 4  -  3
  Monster 5  -  2
  Owen       -  1

Combat Round #1...

Louissa pops her head out of the ATV she is in and opens fire [Strike: 7],
firing a spray at the monsters, hitting to of them [Damage: 11MD].

[Monster 1]
The first of these strange giants simply leaps on to the hood of the first
ATV, damaging the hood with its huge block-like feet [Damage: 10MD] and
overcoming the suspension, knocking everyone around inside.
[/Monster 1]

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