[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness

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> > [GM]
> > Talas's spell is mostly successful.  Two of the demons (including the damaged
> > one) stop their assault, and suddenly leave at incredible speed.  The third
> > seems to have resisted Talas's spell, and now leaps on to the overturned
> > vehicle, trying to crush the metal with its hands.
> >
> > Inside the ATV is chaos.  Ted and Sia are okay [each received 6 SDC from
> > blunt impact], but Koba is trapped partway out the window, and feels a lot
> > worse [18 SDC].  There's some pain coming from his right side and his
> > right arm, both of which are partially out of the vehicle.
> >
> > As they come to their senses, they feel the vehicle violently shift and hear
> > pummeling.  Koba, through his pain, can clearly see one of the demons
> > trying to tear the his side's door off the ATV.
> > [/GM]

> > [Alister]
> > "Holy crap!" Alister shouts.  Now driving the other the ATV, he hits the
> > brakes and, in reverse, races back to the other ATV.
> > [/Alister]

OOC: Going to finish up this melee round, starting with Carlos (even though his
player has been very quietly lately).

Carlos fires his L-20 pulse rifle at the demon [Strike: 21].  The shot
strikes the
demon in its head [Damage: 19MD], blasting some of its stony flesh away.

> [Sia]
> Suddenly finding the ceiling as her floor, Sialillion takes a rough hit to
> her un-helmeted head against the riveted metal of the ATV, earning her a
> black eye.  Regaining her composure, she pulls Koba back inside the ATV,
> then fires her Wilk's laser rifle out the window at the rock creature as
> many times as she can. [Strike: 16].
> [/Sia]

Sia's shot hits the demon in its abdomen [Damage: 39MD].  It doesn't quite
punch a hole through it, but certainly leaves a big gouge.

The demon, in turn, now seems confused (suggesting, perhaps incredible
physical strength and endurance, but less-than-supernatural intellect).
Abandoning the overturned ATV, it suddenly starts running towards the
other one, waving one of its arms in a throwing motion and actually detaching
a piece of it which flies like a missile at the ATV [Strike: 4].  The rocky
appendage misses the ATV by a considerable amount, but leaves an
ominously large crater.

The demon then turns back towards the overturned ATV.

> [Owen]
> Seeing the overturned ATV, Owen drives his cycle towards the ATV as
> fast as he can, and uses Telekinetic Forcefield over the portion of the
> vehicle containing those trapped inside.
> [/Owen]

Owen makes his move at the last possible moment, as the demon crashes
into the vehicle.  While the vehicle is pushed a good fifteen feet, the demon
is unable to pierce the force field.  Even as the demon is doing this, his
missing arm can be seen reforming.

[Round #2]

Louissa again fires at the demon, but misses by a wide mark [Strike: 4].

OOC: Koba's player hasn't posted yet, so...

Koba is filling considerably dazed, and isn't up to attack yet.

Alister is disconcerted by the size of the crater, but thinks perhaps this
beast is sufficiently stupid that perhaps it can be kept from doing much
real harm if it is confused.  He intentionally drives the ATV at high speed
as close as he dares beside the demon and starts honking the horn to
get its attention.

> [Ted]
> "Koba, are you all right?" the lizard man asks, reaching for his rifle.
> He climbs through the vehicle, sticking out through one of the windows,
> to fire on the attacking monsters [Strike: 12].
> [/Ted]

Ted's shot strikes the demon clear in the chest [Damage: 24MD].  The
gouge in the demon seems to be getting bigger, and whatever supernatural
healing it has seems to be more concentrated on the new arm rather than
on the growing hole in its body.

> [Talas]
> As soon as the ATV gets close enough Talas calls out to the demon.
> In the hope that Talas's own Horror Factor will scare off the demon.
> If the demon does not run away then Talas will cast Magic net, to
> restrain and stop the demons attack on the other ATV.
> [/Talas]

The demon seems not to be too intimidated by the Demon Queller.
The magic net is much more successful [Demon's dodge: 11].  The
demon flops to the ground as it tries to pull the magic net apart, roaring in
frustration and anger.

OOC: I think that ends combat :-)

Alister pulls back around and stops the ATV.  Without even asking
if everyone's okay, Alister immediately begins inspecting the rolled-over
ATV checking to see if the damage is too much for the vehicle to go on,
and to see if any repairs can be made quickly.

Louissa jumps out of the ATV and races towards the overturned one.
"Is everyone okay?" she asks.  "That was a really bad looking accident!"

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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