[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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Sialillion nods.  "Your knowledge of the occult may be patchy, Alex,  
but your knowledge of the nature of evil is right on."  Addressing the  
council, she continues, "Your children are in grave danger, whether or  
not you choose to make a deal with this devil.  To trust such a being  
to honor its word would be folly, and your little ones are even more  
useful to it as living sacrifices than as bargaining chips.  They may  
even already be dead."  She sighs.  "Trap or not, however, this is not  
something we can simply walk away from without taking action."

She asks a series of questions:  "Do you know anything about where  
this pale creature might have come from?  What proof has he given you  
that your children still live?  And what more can you tell us of these  
Standing Stones?"

On Jan 19, 2009, at 5:45 PM, Kitsune wrote:

> [Alex]
> "I think I need to be the practical one here," the red haired scout
> states, "How is there any thoughts that even if we get turned over  
> that
> the children will be freed. Have heard vampires from below the  
> boarders
> have said the same thing many times. The people of a village give
> themselves up and the vampires simply slay the children afterwards. I
> have also heard someone tell me once that children have more magical
> energies than anyone else."
> [/Alex]
> Aaron Corley wrote:
>> [Ted]
>> "Alister is correct," Ted begins. "We must use caution as this  
>> could very will be a trap, but we cannot allow innocents to be  
>> harmed. Alister, Owen, Sia, Talas and the rest of you: what powers  
>> do you have that would allow us to pass into K'murd-faka's lair  
>> unseen?"
>> [/Ted]
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