[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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> > [Amanda]
> > Amanda nods, and turns back to the rest of the company.  "Look, I
> > have an idea.  I think Talas is on to something.  We need to distract
> > to this demon, to get his attention on to something.  I saw the flashy
> > sword that woman knight had when we first stumbled on this place,
> > and I'll bet its enchanted, or whatever you call it.  I know I'm special
> > to this demon, so what if I put on my general's cap, lead this ragtag
> > army into some sort of exchange, and while the demon's busy,
> > you guys make a break for that temple?  Rath-Iren's in that swamp,
> > too, or so Om said."
> > [/Amanda]

> [Ted]
> "So YOU are going to march up the demon's front door and demand
> he could out while the rest of us sneak in through the back? I think
> the demon might suspect that as well." The lizard turns to address
> his hosts. "What kind of defenses does this guy have? Does he
> employ a large army?"
> [/Ted]

Amanda turns to Ted and gives him a cold look.  "Well, maybe if we
try to make some of the folks around here look like the rest of us,
we might be able to fool him."

[Lady Louissa]
"Maybe most of his army is marching on Poughkeepsie." Lady
Louissa says.
[/Lady Louissa]

> [Carlos]
> After listening to the council and everyone talk he speaks up. "I
> like Amanda's plan. I don't see how we're going to sneak into this
> temple, but at least if there is a distraction we'll have a better
> chance. Perhaps these elves have some way to help us sneak in."
> [/Carlos]

"If we can delay things by a day or so," Alister says, "and if my
fellow spellcasters could lend me hand, maybe I could come up
with something that might give us an edge."

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