[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Alex

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> [Alex]
> "You truck with demons, that what you get," the red haired scout states
> to herself.
> Opening up her armor's radio, she calls, "I just had something extremely
> weird happen. Some witch appeared. Something then seemed to take her away."
> [/Alex]
> ooc: She will tell them full details

Before anyone has a chance to respond, Alex sees a shadow fly overhead.
One of the flying creatures, perhaps one of the ones that she, Carlos, Talas
and Koba had battled a few minutes before, or perhaps another, flies eastward
at extraordinary speed.  Her keen senses tell her that the swamp below is
alive with sound, and within a few seconds of the creature flying overhead,
a dozen blue dwarves appear out of the gnarled trees and blighted grasses,
heading down the road that the witch seems to have created.

Suddenly Osiris, who has stood silent and seemingly unknowing through
all of this speaks.  "You must go there." he says in a strange, stiff voice.
"It is your destiny."

"Please." Osiris says, in his old voice.  "I can't explain it, Alex, but we
have to go.  Lady Frost is there.  You've got to tell the others to move
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