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OOC: There are no walls between the standing stone monoliths.  It
appears that one can walk in between them.

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> OOC: Is there a visible entrance to the temple?
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> In a couple of minutes, Carlos and Talas rejoin the rest of the company. Meanwhile, Alex is tiring and cannot keep up the pace much longer.
> As to the blue dwarves, while dozens, maybe hundreds, seem to be flocking to the ruins, they all avoid the path the witch made. One falls into the path, and suddenly what look like green shoots jump up, grab the creature by the neck and pull it down into the muck.
> The pterodactyl can be seen far ahead, with the demon's body (or rather, what remains of it) in its talons. It disappears into the ruins, and at that moment, the nexus at the center of the ruins begins to light up.  Energy pulses down the ley lines, so powerful that it actually seems to warp the surroundings. Magic users and psionics feel something between a major rush and nausea for a moment.
> The ruins of Rath-Iren now loom before them, lit by the blue-white light of the ley lines. In appearance, it resembles Stone Henge, with dozens of high stones set in a circle. Upon the stones are written row upon row of runes. In the midst of this stone circle, which must be at least five hundred feet in diameter, is a small building that looks something like an Ancient Greek temple. It is scorched, as if someone had tried to burn it. Between the circle of standing monoliths and the temple is an area littered with ruins, as if at one time Rath-Iren may have made many more buildings.
> Above it sits the nexus, energy rushing to it and its color turning from white to black as it becomes larger and larger. The pterodactyl sits atop the temple, but there is no sign of the demon. Close on the company's heals are the blue dwarves. A few are already in Rath-Iren and looking like they're going to encircle the central temple building.
> [/GM]
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