[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIX - Rath-Iren

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> > [GM]
> > The ruins of Rath-Iren now loom before them, lit by the blue-white
> > light of the ley lines.  In appearance, it resembles Stone Henge,
> > with dozens of high stones set in a circle. Upon the stones
> > are written row upon row of runes.  In the midst of this stone circle,
> > which must be at least five hundred feet in diameter, is a small
> > building that looks something like an Ancient Greek temple.  It
> > is scorched, as if someone had tried to burn it.  Between the
> > circle of standing monoliths and the temple is an area
> > littered with ruins, as if at one time Rath-Iren may have made
> > many  more buildings.
> >
> > Above it sits the nexus, energy rushing to it and its color turning
> > from white to black as it becomes larger and larger.  The pterodactyl
> > sits atop the temple, but there is no sign of the demon.  Close on
> > the company's heals are the blue dwarves.  A few are already in
> > Rath-Iren and looking like they're going to encircle the central
> > temple building.
> > [/GM]

> [Koba]
> Letting a demon or any magic user consolidate their power at a nexus
> like this never a good idea. The longer he waits there, the stronger he
> will become. Using the zoom on his camera, Koba takes a look at the
> entrance for any signs of a trap and also snaps a few more picture of
> the structure and the surounding stones.
> [/Koba]

Koba can make out a doorway, though only rusting hinges remain
where a door must have been.  Flanking the door are two statues of
humanoid creatures with angel-like outstretched wings and four arms
each.  From within there is a reddish glow, and what looks like
shadows moving.

> [Koba]
> "We can't let those dwarves block our path, we have to hurry."
> With that, Koba will begin to run towards the structure encouraging the
> other members of the party to keep up doing his best to get within the
> area before the dwarves have it surrounded.
> [/Koba]

Carlos lands his Skycycle.  "Off we go, Talas." he says.  Once Talas
is off he launches into the air again.

> [Ted]
> Ted follows Koba, weapon ready in case any of the Blue Dwarves
> decide to stop them.  [Strike: 14]
> [/Ted]

Ted fires off a burst at one of the blue dwarves that tries to leap in
their way [Damage: 34MD].  The shot knocks the creature to the
ground, and it scurries for cover.

> [Owen]
> Recognizing the wisdom in Koba's words, Owen will move as quickly
> as he can towards the nexus, firing on any of the dwarves who try
> to prevent them from reaching the nexus.  [Strike: 8]
> [/Owen]

Though not the best shot, Owen does hit one of the blue dwarves.
[Damage: 21MD]  The creature screams in pain as its clothing
is scorched away and its skin blackened.  Stil, it is quite cleary not dead.

> [Alex]
> With the Blue Dwarves behind her, Alex puts Osiris gently down for a
> moment. "Sorry about this."
> Quickly, she slings of her JA-12 and fires a three blast burst at one of
> the blue dwarves in back of her (either the leader or the one closest).
> [Strike: 17, Damage: 60MD]
> [/Alex]

Alex's shot hits what appears to be the leader approaching them (at
least he's got fancier armor).  The shot passes clear through the
armor, leaving a hole.  The blue dwarf looks down, looks back up
at Alex, and then collapses.  Several of his companions squeal
in panic and dive for cover.

> [Alex]
> Calling upon her indomitable will, making a few prayers to the blessed
> virgin, she picks Osiris back up and starts back to catch up with the
> others.
> [/Alex]

As they approach the temple, the pterodactyl suddenly screaches and
launches itself at them.  It shoots a burst of energy out of its eyes
attempting to cut down the entire company [Strike: 11, hits 3 targets].

Alex, even carrying Osiris, easily dodges the strike [Dodge: 28].

Ted also easily dodges the creature's attack [Dodge: 18].

Owen also dodges [Dodge: 15].

Carlos zooms in and opens fire on the pterodactyl [Strike: Natural 20!].
The dual blast hits the pterodactyl [Damage: 60MD], and it veers off,
clearly injured.

"Move!  Move!  Move!"  Carlos shouts into his comm as he swings
around for another attack.

As the company approaches the temple, they can more clearly see
what Koba had seen before.  A fiery red glow coming from the interior,
with what may be shadows of whatever is inside moving.

About two dozen dwarves are now closing in rapidly, and the company
looks to be pinned between them and the temple.  The two strangers
from the submarine that came with the company leap for covering
positions and begin opening suppressive fire on the dwarves.  One
of them shouts at Ted "We'll try to keep them at bay.  You guys
do what you've got to do."

It's at that moment that Koba, who is closest, notices that the
statues flanking the door seem to be moving...

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