[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIX - Rath-Iren

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Ted nods to the sumbmariners. "Be careful. Those smurfs are tougher than they look." 

OOC: How many statues are there? How tall are they? How much space is between each of them?

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As the company approaches the temple, they can more clearly see what Koba had seen before.  A fiery red glow coming from the interior, with what may be shadows of whatever is inside moving.

About two dozen dwarves are now closing in rapidly, and the company looks to be pinned between them and the temple.  The two strangers from the submarine that came with the company leap for covering positions and begin opening suppressive fire on the dwarves.  One of them shouts at Ted "We'll try to keep them at bay.  You guys do what you've got to do."

It's at that moment that Koba, who is closest, notices that the
statues flanking the door seem to be moving...

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