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Koba walkes over to Ted and puts his hand on his shoulder. He bends over to
get a close look at the small wound. "What do you feel from him Sia? A small
cheek scratch is harly enough to convince me he is possessed." Koba says
with an air of defiance. "An exoricisim is hardly a benign thing Sia. We do
remember Osiris is yet to wake up from the last one you performed, don't


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Sia seems distant and deep in thought as she stands near the felled rock
creature. Then suddenly, she snaps to attention, her eyes wide with alarm,
as Ted starts getting sick. She runs to his side.

“This scratch,” she says, pointing to a barely noticeable mark on the lizard
man’s face, “How long have you had it?” She gulps. “There’s some kind of
force—like a shadow—creeping from this wound into his body. I don’t know
what it is but I think he may require an exorcism as well.” She casts ‘sense
evil’ to get a better sense of the damage.

“Exorcism?” Ted mumbles, barely comprehending as he reaches for his canteen.

Not hearing him, Sia addresses the others, “What's more, we’ve got a
problem. My familiar just spotted our guide, Maiae, from the air. She’s dead
and from the looks of the body, it looks like they sacrificed her to drain
her psychic energy. I don’t know how these pieces fit together yet, but we’d
better get moving.”

“I have an idea... This might be a little crazy but if Ted and I ride in one
ATV and the rest of you go in the other, I might be able to remove whatever
taint is in the wound while en route.  You’d have to keep your distance from
us while driving though unless you want a repeat of what happened to Om. Do
you feel up to driving just a little further, Ted?”

Talas turns from Ted to Sia. “I will ride with you. I am immune to

Eyes closed, Ted stands hunched over while resting one hand on his knee and
holding his canteen in the other. He spits a quantity of water from his
mouth and then takes another gulp, hoping to wash the aftertaste from his
mouth and tongue. He had enjoyed good health throughout his life—combat
injuries excluded—and feels a little confused by the sudden episode.

He recaps the container and slides it into the holder on his hip. Wiping his
eyes, he keeps his eyes on the ground. “I am fine for driving,” he states
weakly. “What make you think I am possessed?”
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