[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness

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Owein will hop off his bike, pull out his rifle and take aim at the staff the midget leader is holding, and wait to see what they are doing.  If they make hostile moves, Owen will attack.




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Snapping on the helmet Koba takes a knee and swings the rifle off from over his shoulder. Propping it up over the hood of the ATV Koba wraps his hand around the strap and peers through the scope. Ready for an aimed shot at the midget's head if it is exposed through the armor at the first sight of any hostile action or spellcasting. "Aim for the leader." Koba says through the radio mic.


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Ted draws a bead on the midget, ready to fire if he tries anything suspicious.

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The gold armored midget stops and holds out its staff, seemingly preparing to attack, while the others continue running northward.

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