[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Fri Mar 20 17:02:01 GMT 2009

> [GM]
> When they pull up next to Alex, they see that Osiris looks
> to have
> been wounded.  He manages
> to gasp, "Beyond that stone, I think that leads to
> Rath-Iren."
> No stone is visible, and Osiris seems to be pointing into
> the mist.
> As if in answer, the mists part,
> and standing in the distance is a woman, old beyond all
> imagining,
> eyeless sockets leaking
> revolting putrefaction.  Her hair is long and gray, coated
> with slime,
> rags and remnants of body
> armor covering her body, save her hands, where bone-like
> fingers can
> be seen.  The sight is
> indeed horrifying, and while only Ted and Louissa are
> having a hard
> time controlling their panic
> [OOC: both failed Horror Factor saves], everyone is shaken
> by this
> strange charnel scene.
> The women, in her turn, seems shaken by them, or more
> specifically by
> Talas.  She holds her
> hand up, seemingly trying to deflect his gaze. 
> "Ackk!" she croaks.
> "Demon Queller."
> [/GM]
> [Louissa]
> Louissa is clearly having serious issues, her face turns
> bone-white.
> "Tal... Talas, she's
> horrible."
> [/Louissa]
> [GM]
> The women, still holding her hand up, begins croaking, or
> maybe
> laughing, it's hard to tell.
> She turns to Sia.  "So, he sends a Shifter, does he. 
> Thinks to pierce
> the veil that way.
> I am compelled to guide some of you, but the ice women is
> falling, and
> she was the key.
> Perhaps I let you all rot here, instead, and take my own
> chances."
> Still avoiding Talas, she looks to the others.  "Want
> to see the way
> in?" she asks.  "Well,
> Lizard boy?" she looks at Ted.  "Well, little
> girl?" she looks at
> Louissa.  "How about the
> rest of you?  What will you give me if I help you,
> hmmm?"
> [/GM]
He uses Demon Lore to try and identify this type of demon.
Talas, in a low grown, speaks into his mike "It is a demon. And It can not be trusted. I say we kill it, here and now."

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