[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Raven, Owen, Alex] Book 3 - Chapter I - Bridge

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Fri Nov 6 21:10:05 GMT 2009

> > [GM]
> > A gelatinous ooze suddenly reaches out and grabs Ted's hand.  Within seconds
> > it is as hard as steel and lifts him up and smacks him against the hatch with
> > a loud clang.
> >
> > Quite suddenly a small panel pops up in the floor.  A young man in nothing
> > more than a swimsuit that looks like a speedo pops his head up.  "Come on!"
> > he says.  "You'll never get past those guys this way!"
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Ted tugs on his hand, using his feet to push against the wall around the eye.
> [/Ted]

Despite Ted's incredible strength, the ooze is stronger, and he is
unable to free

> > [Ted]
> > "And who are you?" the lizard man asks. "Greg Louganis?"
> > [/Ted]

> [GM]
> The young man looks a little confused.  "Um, no, Brian Macdermott." he
> replies after a moment, just in time for Ted to be bashed into the door again.
> [/GM]

> [Owen]
> "What do you suggest we do, hop in your little hatch?"
> [/Owen]

The young man shrugs.  "Hey, you can stay here and get torn apart, or
worse, turned into some weird zombie.  Or you can follow me and maybe
we can free this ship.  Up to you."  With that he drops down and disappears.

The ooze seems distracted by something, maybe the young man, and loosens
its grip long enough for Ted to be released.  It's about that point
when they notice
more crew members coming, all armed, and getting ready to fire.  The protective
force field can't last through another barrage like this...

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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