[Taocow PBEM] [Koba, Carlos, Lyle, Talas] Book 3 - Chapter I - Engine Room

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> > [GM]
> > Somehow Koba's energy rifle slips out of his hand just as he pulls
> > the trigger.  The floor beneath him is blow away [Damage: 20MD], and
> > he falls through.  The other three only have a moment to look at each
> > other before the the whole section of floor beneath them gives away.
> > When they come to their senses, they are lying in a heap in a very
> > cramped access space.
> >
> > Above them they see two horrifying creatures, scaly like fish,
> > but upright walkers with large frog-like eyes, fins in the back,
> > two gangley feet and two long arms ending in long, thin, six-
> > fingered hands.  Both are holding strange-looking but still
> > recognizable energy rifles.  On their backs are packs with
> > tubes leading from them into their chest cavities.
> >
> > "Gwetttt upppp nowghh." one of them says in a thick accent
> > one might expect from a goldfish if they could talk.
> > [/GM]

> [Koba]
> Stunned from the sudden fall, Koba shakes his head to clear
> his vision just enough to see the two fish D-bees standing
> above him. Looking at the others to see if they are alright he
> slowly makes his way to his feet and helps Carlos and Talas
> up. He drops his weapon and lets it fall loose on the strap. In
> a hushed whisper he says, "That didn't work. Anyone else have
> another idea?"
> [/Koba]

> [Lyle]
> Lyle slowly stands up and shakes the cobwebs out of his
> head. He looks up to see the two fish men and raises his
> hands above his head.
> "Don't shoot?"

"Four of us... two of them..." Carlos whispers.  He stands up as if
to drop his energy rifle, but then, as fast as he can, pivots it on the
trigger and fires on the leading fish man [Strike: 18].  The shot
strikes the fish man in the chest [Damage: 18MD], but a lit field
surrounds the creature, clearly indicating some sort of a force field.

One of the fish men opens fire on Carlos [Strike: Natural 20].  The
blast knocks Carlos back [Damage: 60MD], severely damaging his

OOC: Apologies to Talas's player...

"Grab your weapons and get down!" Talas shouts as he opens fire
[Strike: 4].

The shots go incredible wild, striking the reinforced hatch of the
engine room, but doing no great harm other than scoring it.  Still,
the two fish men dive for cover.

"Get your heads down." Carlos shouts.  "Crappy shooting, Talas,
but enough.  Lyle, can you get that engine room door open if we buy
you time?"  Carlos doesn't seem to notice that his armor is a smoking

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