[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Raven, Owen, Alex] Book 3 - Chapter I - Bridge

White Mist white.mist at execulink.com
Wed Nov 11 02:11:02 GMT 2009

He turns to Raven.  "To answer your questions, ma'am, I was here, um, 
having a wee bit of a drink.  When I went up and saw the zombie mutiny, 
I thought it best to hack the computer, say the Pocket had somehow got 
detached, and then make my way back and hope they didn't look too close."

"Pocket?" Raven echoed, repeating what the man had said. "Oh, you must 
mean Pocket Dimension! Of course... bigger inside than outside, that 
makes sense. Awesome!" Raven guessed and appreciated. Threads of thought 
crossed her mind then about this pocket dimension and it had brought 

"This is just wonderful! Is it naturally occurring? Or purely 
artificial? How do you power it? How do you keep the bottleneck entrance 
open? Magic? Psi?" Raven asked in a flurry.

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