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> > [GM]
> >
> > ...
> >
> > "Sorry." Brian shrugs as he picks himself up.  "Didn't have time to explain,
> > or use the elevator."
> >
> > He turns to Raven.  "To answer your questions, ma'am, I was here, um, having
> > a wee bit of a drink.  When I went up and saw the zombie mutiny, I thought it
> > best to hack the computer, say the Pocket had somehow got detached, and then
> > make my way back and hope they didn't look too close."
> > [/GM]

> [Raven]
> "Pocket?" Raven echoed, repeating what the man had said. "Oh, you must
> mean Pocket Dimension! Of course... bigger inside than outside, that
> makes sense. Awesome!" Raven guessed and appreciated. Threads of thought
> crossed her mind then about this pocket dimension and it had brought
> questions.
> "This is just wonderful! Is it naturally occurring? Or purely
> artificial? How do you power it? How do you keep the bottleneck entrance
> open? Magic? Psi?" Raven asked in a flurry.
> [/Raven]

The young crewman looks at Raven a bit confused.  "Um... I'm not really
all that sure.  I know there's some sort of generator in the engine room that
has something to do with it.  But..."

> [Ted]
> Ted glances both ways with his rifle drawn. "Are we safe down here?
> Is there anyway for the possessed part of the crew to come after us?"
> he asks Brian.
> [/Ted]

Brian seems to have been interrupted mid-thought.  "I disabled the
elevator." Brian says.  "They'd have get down here to fix it, and the
only way to do that right now is the way we came."

> [Owen]
> "Can the entrance to the Pocket be collapsed?  I hope not.  I don't
> want to spend the rest of my life in this littlle place."
> [/Owen]

"Yes." Brian replies.  "Or so I've been told.  But if they did, your life
would be kinda short, because those big cylinders are the
emergency air supply.  If they seal it off, we'd probably have a day or
two at best."

> [Alex]
> Alex adds, "What are we suppose to do now?"
> [/Alex]

"I was gonna get to that." Brian says.  "We've got to save the ship,
obviously.  I've got this device..."  He pulls a small metal object that looks
like a calculator that's been half pulled apart, with small looping wires,
buttons of different sizes from different equipment stuck to it, and a large
ruby right in the middle.

"I swiped this off the engineer as he was trying to shove something in
my ear.  I know it can be used by a psychic or a mage, and apparently
controls a second doorway that can be programmed for anywhere in
the ship.  Can any of you use it?"

Suddenly, far above, they can hear swishing, as if someone is sliding

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