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> OOC: By the way, I have no idea as
> to  a new name. It is rather hard to 
> name a RIFTS game or campaign since there are so many
> things and 
> possibilities one can do or run. I guess you (the GM) can
> take a look 
> back and see what words summarize what has happened so far
> and what 
> words would describe it (wonder, action, other emotion?). I
> suppose 
> that's the only advice I have to offer. It isn't much, I
> know, but it's 
> all I have.
Hi i am now feeling much better and no longer sick. Anyway as I am reading through 50 some e-mails trying to get cuoght up on what is hapaning, I read this started thinki9ng apouit all we have been through and the one phrase that comes to mind is
"From bad to worse and back again."

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