[Taocow PBEM] [Koba, Carlos, Lyle, Talas] Book 3 - Chapter I - Engine Room

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Fri Nov 20 20:06:36 GMT 2009

> > [GM]
> > One of the fish men opens fire on Carlos [Strike: Natural 20].  The
> > blast knocks Carlos back [Damage: 60MD], severely damaging his
> > armor.
> > [/GM]

> [Lyle]
> "Holy crap!" yells Lyle when he sees Carlos take the hit then stand back up.
> [/Lyle]

> > [Talas]
> > "Grab your weapons and get down!" Talas shouts as he opens fire
> > [Strike: 4].
> > [/Talas]

> > [GM]
> > The shots go incredible wild, striking the reinforced hatch of the
> > engine room, but doing no great harm other than scoring it.  Still,
> > the two fish men dive for cover.
> > [/GM]

> [Lyle]
> Keeping his head low he watches as the two fish guys dive for cover.
> [/Lyle]

> > [Carlos]
> > "Get your heads down." Carlos shouts.  "Crappy shooting, Talas,
> > but enough.  Lyle, can you get that engine room door open if we buy
> > you time?"  Carlos doesn't seem to notice that his armor is a smoking
> > ruin.
> > [/Carlos]

> [Lyle]
> "You bet your ass I will!"
> He draws his pistol and takes aim at the eye on the door
> [Strike: 18,17,18].  Once it's dealt with, he'll hoist himself up
> and make way to the door.
> [/Lyle]

Lyle's three excellent aimed shots strike the eye
[Total Damage: 29MD].  The eye is unharmed, and fires a
bolt of energy back at him [Strike: 11].  Lyle is just barely able
to dodge [Dodge: 11], and the energy attack takes a sizable
chunk of decking away [Damage: 15MD].

> [Koba]
> As the D-bee's fire on Koba he can catch a glimpse of the tubing
> behind them. Having spent his life working with computers and
> electronics, he notes that the those tubes on their backs must
> have some electrical component. Not wanting to end up with a
> smoking hole like Carlos, Koba focuses his energy on the two
> fishmen.
> "Hold on, we may lose the lights here for a second." Koba warns.
> With that he attempts to pull the energy from the mechanics
> attached to the fishmen and from their e-clips directly. With that,
> the dull crackling energy around him becomes more energetic
> and brighter.
> [/Koba]

Just as Koba predicted, the lights dim and sputter.  The two fishmen
quickly scrabble up, but within moments can be heard hacking
and coughing in their odd, aquatic way.  They're grasping at the
tubes, clearly trying to figure out what's going on, and they don't
look at all well.

More interestingly, the organic eye thing seems to turn several
shades of white.  It seems, whatever it is, it's energy was being
taken from some sort of electrical source nearby, and without it,
the thing, whatever exactly it is, isn't doing too well either.  After
a few seconds it shrivels a bit and falls off.

"Now Koba!" Carlos shouts.  "Get that door open."  He opens fire
on the fish creatures with a vengeance, spraying them until they
fall over dead.

"I'm out of e-clips!" Carlos declares grimly as he looks at the smoking
creatures.  "Anybody care for some fish and chips?"

They do not appear to be out of trouble yet, however.  Three
crewmembers are coming towards them, climbing up the passage
and firing.

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