[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter I

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"Doubtless, the psychics can sense our movements and intentions," Ted surmises. He turns to Owen and Koba. "Can you guys neutralize these psychics somehow? Mask our presence or something?"

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Getting his bearings while keeping his footing, he looks up the
corridor. "That's a hell of a crash dive. We have 2 options and we
need to decide ASAP what we are doing cause we don't have much time.
We can get to the bridge and correct it or get to the engine room and
blow the emergency ballasts manually. The captain would be on the
bridge, but based on the sounds if this Control is in the bridge, we
may not have enough time to deal with it and correct our descent
before we get crushed. We can split up if we need to. I am sure Raven
or Ted could get you to bridge."

"There are about 40 crew members on the boat, most of them are like
the midshipman there. There are a few we need to watch out for. There
2 mages on aboard, then there are Ez and Bez little green guys who are
psychics, then the Captian is a Lizard Man eerr woman rather and the
few people with minor psychic abilities." 

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