[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter I

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"I can't do much about that. I don't ever go into other's minds. All I think
of doing is splitting up their forces. We have a lot of people to be crammed
together in these tight hallways of the sub. We need to split up and divide
the defenders as well. I'll take a group to the engineering room and you can
head to the bridge. Whoever gets there first, blows the balast and sets the
ship for the surface. Who would come with me to the engines?"


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> [Alex]
> "I think we need to head for the bridge," the scout states. "I believe
> we will have a better idea exactly what is going on there than the
> bridge. I only have eight stun grenade warheads though."
> [/Alex]
> Aaron Corley wrote:
> > [Ted]
> > "Doubtless, the psychics can sense our movements and intentions," Ted
> surmises. He turns to Owen and Koba. "Can you guys neutralize these psychics
> somehow? Mask our presence or something?"
> > [/Ted]
> >
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