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"I will go to the bridge with Ted and Raven."


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> [Ted]
> "I can lead the strike against the bridge," the reptilian mercenary volunteers, "although I suspect it will be the easier objective to reach. Owen and Raven, will you join me?"
> [/Ted]
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> "I think we have no choice but to split up. We need to stop the
> descent of the sub before we piledrive into the sea floor or the hull
> gets compromised. Koba, Carlos and myself will head down to the engine
> room, blow the ballast and shut the engines down. The rest of you can
> head to the bridge and deal with this Control. Once we blow the
> ballast, we can get back to the bridge to help. I've been on the ship
> for months now I know my way around so barring any major obstacles we
> can get to bridge pretty quick."
> "Koba is right. The sub is tight quarters all throughout. I can't tell
> you how many times I cracked my skull on the water tight doors when
> there wasn't an emergency. Be careful with the gun fire in here. Those
> pipes over head aren't for show and are either high pressure steam or
> return lines. If they break we have an issue on our hands, not enough
> to kill us but its not good especially . Alot of the non structural
> parts of this sub aren't reinforced like the hull, so a stray laser
> shot will go through a couple rooms. The med bay is half way between
> here and the bridge. The armory is right behind the bridge. All of the
> weapons are stored there. The watertight doors can be closed and
> barred if you need them to be, but we need a way back and there are
> only so many routes to the bridge."
> "Let's try not to kill the crew, whatever is onboard is controlling
> them. Most of them pose no threat to us physically."
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