[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Raven, Owen, Alex] Book 3 - Chapter I - Bridge

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> > [GM]
> > [...]
> >
> > Almost out of nowhere three crewmembers are behind the party.  They
> > have the same dazed look the young woman had.  These ones, however,
> > are holding energy pistols.
> >
> > "You will accompany us to the medical bay." they say without emotion
> > and in unison.  "Now."
> >
> > The sickbay door opens and Louissa walks out.  "Comply now or be
> > destroyed." she says flatly.
> >
> > The moaning and creeking of straining steel increases...
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "You know," the lizard man addresses the three crew members, "I really feel
> much better, thank you. Perhaps I could speak with the captain now?"
> [/Ted]

"When the procedure is complete." Louissa replies.

> [Alex]
> Thinking that her force field should hold for a few shots before even
> her body armor is penetrated, Alex points the barrel of her JA-12 Rifle
> at the eye and squeezes the trigger." [Damage: 14MD]
> "Can you hold them?" the scout asks
> [/Alex]

Steam pours off of the eye.  The pupil contracts and Alex gets a
slight headache.
She senses that it might have been much worse, but she is clearly fighting off
whatever this attack is.

> [Raven]
> Raven will take cover behind someone who is wearing armour. From there
> she will engage in hand to hand combat and try to knock down one of the
> zombified crew. [Strike: 9]
> [/Raven]

The crew member suddenly moves at rather extreme speeds, easy blocking
Raven's attack [Dodge: 19] and in turn trying to knock her down with an open-
handed strike to her forehead [Strike: 12], but Raven is able to get out of the
way [Dodge: 15]

> [Owen]
> Owen will throw up a forcefield between the three crewmen and the group
> to slow them down.  "Not for very long,  move quickly."
> [/Owen]

The force-fields stops any further hand to hand combat.  The crewmembers
change tactic and open fire [Strike: 11, 9, 1; Damage: 4MD, 10MD, 8MD].  Two
of the shots hit the force field and the third strikes a hatch that must be the
entrance to the armory, scoring it but not damaging it.  It is clear that
Owen's force field won't last much longer.

> [Ted]
> "Thanks, Owen," the lizard man says. He turns to the door behind him. "In
> the movies, submarine door always had wheels in their center that unlocked
> them. It should be right about here..." He reached forward and pushes and
> against the eye while feeling for the crank underneath.
> [/Ted]

A gelatinous ooze suddenly reaches out and grabs Ted's hand.  Within seconds
it is as hard as steel and lifts him up and smacks him against the hatch with
a loud clang.

Quite suddenly a small panel pops up in the floor.  A young man in nothing
more than a swimsuit that looks like a speedo pops his head up.  "Come on!"
he says.  "You'll never get past those guys this way!"

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