[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIX - Rath-Iren

White Mist white.mist at execulink.com
Sun Sep 6 13:05:17 BST 2009

"Where does it lead, Frost?" Ted asked, trying not to sound too 
suspicious of her sudden reappearance and familiarity with the escape 
route. He waited for the others to make their way toward the passage 
while holding off the blue dwarves for another moment or two.

"To safety, my friend." she says, her voice now filled with warmth.

Raven thought a moment about what was going on. She imagined a trick by 
some elder evil leading them into a trap because of the guise of one 
they had just saved - and some recognized as ally. However, there was 
only one way to find out which was to let it happen.

Raven pulled out her NG Laser Pistol and lobbed a grenade into the midst 
of the blue dwarves as she backed off into the opening to the new room. 
She hoped the others who went into there spotted danger or safety already...


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