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Talas sheaths the Wakizashi but keeps the Katana out. Once the Party
stops moving Talas will stop right behind The Lady frost imposter.
Then griping the Katana with both hands will perform a 'Chi Death
Blow' aimed for Frosts neck, in an attempt to decapitate her in a
single blow.
Talas will then announce that "This is not 'Lady Frost', and this
place is the Daemon dimension 'Hades' we must head back now or we will
all die hear." Talas will then wait to see how the others react.

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> > [Talas]
> > Once in the passage He will cast Sense Evil. In the
> hope of
> > telling if Lady Frost really is Lady Frost or if she
> is possessed.
> > [Talas]
> [GM]
> Talas seems to have to struggle, despite the fact that the
> proximity to a nexus ought to be greatly enhancing such
> powers.
> The answer does come, and indeed, there is something
> deeply
> wrong here.  This is no possession, because this is no
> Lady
> Frost, no matter how closely whatever-it-is's powers seem
> to resemble hers!
> [/GM]
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