[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIX - Rath-Iren

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Thu Sep 17 03:30:48 BST 2009

> [GM]
> Lady Frost's body is now gushing pale blood, seemingly
> confirming Talas's claim.  A shadow begins to waft up
> from it,
> and then, in an instant, the K'murd-faka stands
> there.  His body
> now seems oddly misshapen, the chest not quite sitting
> properly
> on the torso, the head and left should a little too to the
> front,
> making the demon seem more like a badly stitched rag doll
> than anything else.
> The demon, with terrifying speed, raises a hand and Talas
> goes
> flying backwards, hitting the wall with a loud thump.
> "Now, Queller," the demon says, "here's our rematch." 
> A massive
> black sword appears in its hands.  Even as that
> occurs, the floor
> of the passage begins collapsing bit by bit, forcing
> everyone closer
> to the Demon and what Talas had named Hades.
> [/GM]
In a single fluid action Talas gets back on his feet. Talas yells "Get back from the beast!" Then giving the others a moment to back away, Talas casts Carpet of Adhesion beneath the demons feet. Then with only the faintest hint of a grin on his face Talas says "Tell me. Do you fear oblivion beast? or will you welcome it?" Then before the demon can answer him, Talas pulls out his rail gun and opens fire on the demon.

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