[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter I

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A smile crosses his face when he sees the hovercraft. He helps the
wounded and Osiris onto to the craft.

"Hurry up, we got a Slaver coming!"

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> [Owen]
> Glancing around, Owen will check to see if anyone needs help getting to the
> hovercraft.  "We better get on board, the quicker the
> better."  Owen will move to get on the hovercraft.
> [\Owen]
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>> [GM]
>> Even as the strange, beautiful woman fades, the last stones of
>> the temple fall and then there is a hush. The land seems quiet,
>> save for the faint sound of the wind whistling through the ruins.
>> And then there is a louder sound, very mechanical. Over the
>> lip of the plateau appears a large hover craft, with some sort
>> of very royal-looking emblems on it.
>> Lyle, Raven, Ted and Owen recognize the emblem, though the
>> others don't. It lands in the middle of the ruins, and a voice
>> comes out from the loudspeaker. "All ye wanting rides best be
>> coming aboard. We've got something on the scanners that don't
>> look good."
>> Even as the voice speaks, over the horizon comes a flying shape
>> that even the most stay-at-home of people know, a Splugorth
>> slaver ship!
>> [/GM]
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