[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter I

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Tue Sep 29 22:58:46 BST 2009


He salutes the crewmember back. “Sir Zandeeli didn’t make it. A sad
day this is.” He finishes loading and securing people into the
hovercraft. He straps himself in and holds on as the craft rockets
away from the slaver ship.

When they arrive in the sub, he sees Dr Z standing there. He shuffles
by him and pats him on the back “Good to see you, Doc. Take good care
of this bunch.” The starts to assemble the uninjured, Lyle starts to
head to his quarters.

"Sir Lyle," one of the crewmen says, "I know you would like to be at the
weapons right now, but the Captain's orders are to remain with the

“Ok, I can do that, but it would be better if I assist.” He replies
and goes with the group to the smallish room.

After the door closes, Lyle mumbles “That was weird.”

He spends the next couple hours chatting with the people in the group
and trying not to move too much. Takes off his jacket and tosses it in
a corner. When the midshipman arrives and announces the Captain wishes
to see them. He stands goes over to by Alex and grabs his jacket off
the floor.

“Ok boys and girls, time to go see Captain Zalquain…”


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