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He turns around and looks at Alex "Calm down, your nerves are shot
from being cooped up in here for a couple hours. No need to worry."

/His surface thoughts ~Something is seriously wrong and has been since
we got on, but be calm about it./


On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 7:10 AM, Kitsune <kitsunefx at netzero.net> wrote:
> [Alex]
> Alex puts her hand on her pistol, her nerves on alert suddenly.
> "What the hell is going on?"
> She will use her telepathy to read surface thought.
> [/Alex]
> Aaron Clausen wrote:
>> [GM]
>> Even as Carlos sets foot inside the hovercraft, it takes off.  The
>> pilot, seeing a Skycycle and a motorbike down below, lands just long
>> enough to pick the vehicles up, by which time the Slaver isn't more than
>> a half a mile.  In the distance appears to be more.  This is likely a
>> Splugorth squad.
>> The Blind Warrior Women fire on the hovercraft, but the shots all go
>> wild.  Within a minute the hovercraft has dipped down below the plateau
>> and is flying over the thick mists of the swamp. After a minute or so
>> those mists part to reveal a large boat floating in the midst of one of
>> the larger pools of water.
>> As the hovercraft dips, a large opening appears in the sub, and below
>> can be glimpsed an interior landing bay.  Even as the hovercraft begins
>> a vertical drop, it's shaken by a blast, and then another.  Above can be
>> seen the Slaver and other dimmer shapes that must also be part of this
>> group.  The hover craft violently lands inside the submarine's hold,
>> jarring everyone in the process.  The door above quickly closes, but not
>> before a few stray bolts of energy manage to get through, causing smoke
>> and damage.
>> Within moments, everyone is escorted out of the crippled hovercraft and
>> into the hold, which is actually surprisingly small (no more than about
>> fifteen feet wide and twenty five feet long).  Klaxons are sounding as
>> they make their way out of the hold and into the narrow corridors that
>> wend through the boat.
>> All of them are suddenly greeted by a rather shocking-looking man-sized
>> insectoid creature.  "Ah, welcome back Ted and Owen, and to you to Raven
>> and Sir Lyle." the creature says in a cultured English accent.  "To the
>> rest of you, let me introduce myself.  I'm Dr. Zazbrurr, ship's surgeon
>> aboard the HMS Deapthbreaker.  Don't worry, I'm skilled in all manner of
>> humanoid physiology.  All of you will be pleased to know that one of
>> your fellow adventurers, a young woman, is doing well.  That is, if we
>> make it through simultaneous attack by Splugorth Minions and that
>> dreadful tentacled monster below."
>> Dr. Zazbrurr immediately lays Osiris down.  He turns his attention away
>> long enough to look at the others.  "You all need rest." he says.  "I'm
>> afraid that's going to have to wait.  If any of you have any serious
>> injuries, say so now, or wait until after we get out of this particular
>> mess."
>> Anyone who doesn't speak up is quickly herded along by a couple of stern
>> officers.  Even as they make their way through the narrow corridors, the
>> submarine is violently shaken.  Lights temporarily dim, then light up.
>> "Sir Lyle," one of the crewmen says, "I know you would like to be at the
>> weapons right now, but the Captain's orders are to remain with the
>> guests."  With that they are lead into a small well-lit cabin, with four
>> bunks and three cots sitting in the middle of the floor, leaving barely
>> enough room to squeek around.  The only adjoining room is a very small
>> bathroom with a toilet, sink and a show barely big enough to move one's
>> arms around in.
>> It's in these cramped quarters that the company spends the next two
>> hours.  Loud metallic bangs and crunches, and the odd strangely muffled
>> blasts can be heard.  Anyone with a weak stomach would quickly find
>> themselves with their heads in the small toilet.  The whole situation is
>> frightening, maddening and uncomfortable all at once.
>> Then the door opens.  One of the crew, a young woman, comes in.  "The
>> Captain wishes to see you." she says flatly, her eyes looking tired...
>> and, a little creepy, like someone else is looking through them.
>> [/GM]
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