[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Talas and Carlos

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Wed Apr 7 20:18:42 BST 2010

>> [GM]
>> As he moves closer, he can hear shouts in the room at the end of
>> the passage. Many shouts, in fact, and in some in very inhuman
>> voices.
>> When Carlos reaches the end of the passage, he can see into what
>> looks like a large domed chamber beyond. It's hard to tell because
>> only emergency lights are on, but he does see what looks distinctly
>> like a large floating brain surrounded by a number of fishmen
>> making their way towards him. Beside them is one of the funny
>> ape-men he and Talas had seen before.
>> The ape-man shouts out "Surrender or die!" A rather 
>> intimidating-looking rifle is held in the air.
>> [/GM]

> [Carlos]
> Carlos grabs two of the best grenades for blowing a hole in the 
> grating. He tosses one at the d-bees in front of him [Strike: 4] and
> one at the ground a safe distance from himself [Strike: 3].
> [/Carlos]

Perhaps it's the shaking deck, but neither of Carlos's grenades go where 
he plans them.  The one aimed at the D-Bees flies past them, blowing up 
relatively harmlessly beyond them [Damage: 16MD].

The second one slips out of Carlos's hand and falls to the floor a few 
feet away [Damage: 21MD].  Carlos's armor and the floor grate take the 
brunt of the damage.  The floor gives way and Carlos falls through, and 
then down the shaft, still too dazed from the grenade to try to catch 

OOC: Carlos will now join the rest of the party.

Aaron Clausen
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