[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II

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>>> [Raven]
>>> Raven took the opportunity to try to use the darkness to hide
>>> herself in a new location that she had not been before, in order
>>> to escape the Sunaj's attention (preference being his rear or
>>> flank; also, hopefully her Chameleon spell is still up). As soon
>>> as it brightened up again Raven cast Blinding Flash on the Sunaj.
>>> [/Raven]

>> [GM]
>> Quite suddenly a new bright light briefly lights up the chamber. In
>> that instant, those looking can see the center of the chamber's 
>> ceiling collapsing, large chunks of concrete and rock falling into 
>> the watery maelstrom below. Just as the light dims, they see a
>> familiar red-robed elf flailing madly and then crashing into the 
>> water about fifty feet away.
>> The Sunaj is clearly effected. He stumbles and falls over, and 
>> curses in a foreign language.
>> Meanwhile, Raven is able to make it back to the hatch where the
>> Sunaj and the fishmen had moments before entered from, and where
>> the rest of the company had entered the chamber from.
>> [/GM]

>>> [Koba]
>>> Not wanting to leave Ted behind, Koba will make another attempt
>>> to get him out of the current while the others deal with the
>>> assassin.
>>> [/Koba]

>> [GM]
>> The best that Koba can manage is to help Ted move towards Lyle.
>> [/GM]

>>> [Ted]
>>> Ted struggles against the current, trying to keep one hand within
>>> Koba's reach while still treading water.
>>> [/Ted]

>> [GM]
>> With Koba's assistance, Ted reaches Lyle, and stops being buffeted 
>> around in the waters. The waters seem to calm somewhat as they fill
>> they chamber, though the current is still fierce, and undertows 
>> well up and threaten to drag Ted and Lyle down. Alex's rope dangles
>> just a couple of feet away.
>> [/GM]

>>> [Talas]
>>> It's then that they hear a shout. "Wait for me!" the voice of the
>>> Elven Demon Queller can be heard. The current is pushing him 
>>> around fiercely, and even with his own mighty strength, he's 
>>> struggling to stay above water.
>>> [/Talas]

>>> [GM]
>>> The remaining fishman, seeing the Sunaj incapacitated, opens fire
>>> on Owen [Strike: 15]. Owen just barely dodges [Dodge: 15], and 
>>> the shot strikes a metal crate behind him. It's clear the fishman
>>> was meaning to dispose of him with a long burst, which blows the
>>> crate apart.
>>> The water is now about seven feet from the top of the scaffolding
>>> and rising fast.
>>> [/GM]

>> [GM]
>> As Lyle tries to make for the rope, he starts to feel Ted's grip on
>> him weaken.
>> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "Never. Never!" the lizard man hisses, taking a swing at the air in 
> front of him. Unfortunately, both his protest and punch lack any of 
> his usual strength. His eyelids drop and then flutter open, his gaze
> fixed on something in front of him none of the others can see.
> [Strike: 10]
> [/Ted]

Ted lashes out at Lyle [Strike: 10], hitting him with a forceful punch 
[Damage: 11SDC], which Lyle's armor takes care of.  Still it makes 
pulling Ted along a lot harder.

> [Alex]
> Alex is going to continue helping her team mates upwards but will
> also stay on life support on her armor.
> Before they are underwater, she will radio, "We need to figure out
> how to get out of here." (Not sure how well radion will work
> underwater. Will it transmit a couple of meters)
> The scout will look around herself for a way out and once everybody
> is 'Recovered', she will stat heading that way if she can.
> [/Alex]

> [Lyle]
> Lyle wraps his legs around the lizard man and to keep him from 
> slipping away as he tries to get them to the scaffold or rope.
> [/Lyle]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man wrapped an arm around his rescuers waist while looking
> for something to push off of with his feet.
> [/Ted]

Ted's senses return.  He's still weakened, but he now can see Lyle more 
clearly again.  He can also see, through the splashing water, Alex above 
with a rope.  The wall offers a good launching point, and even with his 
reduced strength, Ted is able to propel himself and Lyle.  With the 
water level rising so quickly, within moments they are within reach of 
the scaffolding.  Alex's help gets them on to the scaffolding.

Behind them Talas can be seen diving below the surface again, arriving
moments later to grab on to the rope and hoist himself up.

"I think Carlos and I did this." Talas says, panting.  He is clearly 
exhausted by his ordeal.

It's at that moment that they see the disoriented Sunaj Assassin and a 
fishman hiding behind a crate...

Meanwhile, Raven, who is now at the bottom of the vertical shaft is 
quickly looking around for any hiding spot or escape route.  She sees 
the ladder leading up, the top being dimly visible.  Suddenly there are 
two explosions, one a little fainter, but the other seemingly right on 
top of her.  Moments later there's a loud WUMPH! as a smoking armored 
body falls right next to her, the Triax armor scorched in spots and with 
little bits of shrapnel sticking in it like an awkward-looking porcupine.

Raven quickly identifies it as no other than one of her new 
companions... Carlos, if she recalls names correctly.

 > [Carlos]
 > After he recovers, Carlos fires on the nearest bad guy [Strike: 10].
 > [/Carlos]

The first thing Carlos sees when he regains his senses is the Sunaj 
Assassin, stumbling around.  Carlos's shot strikes the Sunaj in the 
stomach [Damage: 20MD].  The Sunaj is blasted back, stumbles over the 
edge and topples into the water, and after flailing pathetically for a 
second, disappears under the waves.

OOC: Making Owen's attack for him.

Owen shoots at the remaining fishman, but again misses [Strike: 3].

The water is now at the level of the scaffolding, and they have perhaps 
a minute before it feels the chamber.  The remaining fishman sprays the 
company [Strike: 11], shooting at Alex [Dodge: 28], Ted [Dodge: 7] and 
Lyle [Dodge: 10].

Alex easily manages to jump out of the way, but both Ted and Lyle are 
struck [Damage: 12MD each].

OOC: Now that Koba is freed up, I'll make a move for him too...  This is 
what you get for missing staff meetings :-)

Koba, now freed from rescuing anyone, takes his own shot at the 
fishman's head [Strike: 20 not natural].

Koba's shot is the charm, hitting the fishman square between his beady 
fishy eyes [Damage: 20MD], and pretty much blowing it right off.

But the problems are hardly over.  The water is now above everyone's 
ankles, and above the shaft where Carlos and Raven are can be heard many 
footsteps.  It seems presently the only escape route is the shaft, but 
it also sounds like there are enemies above it.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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