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Seeing the Brain moving towards the vortex, Owen will create a Wall of Fire underneath the Brain in the direction of the Vortex, seeking to cut off its escape, as well as give it somthing else to think about.


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> >> [GM]
> >> Koba's shot is the charm, hitting the fishman square between his 
> >> beady fishy eyes [Damage: 20MD], and pretty much blowing it right 
> >> off.
> >> 
> >> But the problems are hardly over. The water is now above
> >> everyone's ankles, and above the shaft where Carlos and Raven are
> >> can be heard many footsteps. It seems presently the only escape
> >> route is the shaft, but it also sounds like there are enemies above
> >> it.
> >> [/GM]
> > [Owen]
> > "Well, it looks like our only way out is up."
> > [/Owen]
> > [Koba]
> > "Time to leave. Everyone up the ladder." With that, Koba will fly up 
> > the shaft to the top to clear the way for the others.
> > [/Koba]
> > [Owen]
> > "Let's Go."
> > 
> > Following Koba's advice, Owen will move towards the ladder to begin 
> > climbing.
> > [/Owen]
> > [Lyle]
> > Catching his breath and making sure everything is still intact and 
> > functional, he looks up. "Let's get going"
> > 
> > Lyle will bring up the rear and keep his eyes open for anything that 
> > might up behind/under us.
> > [/Lyle]
> [GM]
> The only thing behind the company is a lot of water.
> [/GM]
> > [Raven]
> > Raven followed the others after they went ahead, preferring to be 
> > last.
> > [/Raven]
> > [Ted]
> > The lizard man jumps for the rope and begins climbing.
> > [/Ted]
> [GM]
> Ted still finds himself very weak, and climbing is more difficult than 
> he expected. The others notice volumnuous amounts of sweat pouring off 
> of him.
> [/GM]
> [Talas]
> Talas follows the others up.
> [/Talas]
> > [Carlos]
> > Carlos will inch forward a little with his rifle in hand ready to
> > fire if needed. He'll try to survey the area while waiting for his
> > comrades to arrive.
> > [/Carlos]
> > [Alex]
> > Alex will put her JA-12 away and switch to her C-12 Rifle. She will 
> > then use levitation to float up the ladder way.
> > 
> > If there is anybody waiting on the other side, she will fire bursts 
> > to suppress the enemy while others get up the passageway.
> > [/Alex]
> [GM]
> Alex is the first to reach the top of the shaft, with Koba and Carlos
> close behind. Both find themselves confronted by a scene of chaos. What
> sounded like an army above is actual dozens of fishmen, some in clear
> panic while others are trying to bridge a thirty foot gap in the passage
> way between where the company is and the emergency airlock with pieces
> of tubing, metal and whatever they can seem to scrounge up. A few
> floating brains can be seen, the strange implants between the 
> hemispheres of their loathsome bodies glowing bright red. The psychic
> effect is so strong that Alex finds herself feeling a little ill, though
> it's clearly not directed at her, but rather at the fishmen.
> And then Alex catches sight of a familiar figure. Standing there is a
> tall insectoid humanoid D-Bee standing about four and a half feet
> tall, with pinchers where a mouth should be, four compound eyes and two
> legs and four arms. This, if Alex, Koba and Carlos remember correctly,
> is the submarine's medical officer, Dr. Zazbrurr. The D-Bee is wearing
> some rather bizarre body armor, and in two hands are energy pistols and
> in the other two are vibroblades. Behind him are two ape-like D-Bees and
> four fishmen in bulky body armor with large guns. They ignore the
> madness around them and stare straight at Alex and Carlos.
> Alex [Strikes: 5 and 7] and Carlos [Strikes: 3 and 15] open fire. One 
> of the fishman dodges [Dodge: 8], but the insectoid, who is also struck, 
> is unable to [Dodage: 1], and Alex's burst hits it in the chest [Damage: 
> 14MD]. Carlos's first shot goes over their heads, putting quite a deep 
> hole in the ceiling above [Damage: 48MD], but the second hits one of the 
> ape-like D-Bees, who also fails to dodge [Dodge: 13, Damage: 40MD].
> At that moment the rest of the company arrives at the top of the shaft 
> and see scene. The four fishmen and the two ape D-Bees are clearly 
> military trained as they drop down to defensive positions with rifles 
> raised. The insectoid D-Bee flings himself behind a bulkhead.
> Then something truly awful comes into view. It is like the other 
> brains, only much much bigger, at least ten feet across. Blood vessels 
> throb and the brain seems to glow. From a black, diamond-shaped 
> structure between the two hemispheres emanates a purplish field.
> A voice, disembodied but still clearly coming from the brain echoes 
> through everyones' heads. "Zazbrurr, you have failed me. The Sunaj 
> your lord sent me is dead and my redoubt in ruins. The submarine cannot 
> be taken and must be destroyed." The insectoid falls back into view, 
> clutching at its ant-like head and screaming. Ooz drips between its 
> clawed fingers and then it drops to the ground, its head split like a 
> mellon.
> Everone in the group feels the giant brain's attack like ripples in a 
> pond. They were not the targets, but some residual effect of the 
> psychic attack can still do damage. Carlos, Lyle and Talas feel it like 
> a massive migraine. Blood leaks from their noses and they actually take 
> some physical damage (4 SDC). Their vision is blurred so badly that 
> combat will be difficult [-6 to Strike, Dodge and Parry].
> The air around the brain thing begins to vibrate and then swirl like a 
> whirlpool. The emergency lights dim to almost nothing, and even the 
> power inside environmental armor diminishes so that optics do not work 
> properly.
> The brain turns towards the company, and two horrifying eyes protruding 
> from tendrily chords connected to the brain fixate on them. "At least I 
> know you all will die, trapped here, for your sub is about to be 
> destroyed by mean remaining minions." Now connected to this monster's 
> mind, they can see three fishmen somewhere in the domed structure beyond 
> carefully aiming what looks like a large laser cannon at the sub, which 
> can be dimly glimpsed, still chained as a fierce battle between fishmen 
> and sub crew takes place underwater.
> The brain begins backing away towards the vortex, which now clearly is 
> some sort of dimensional gateway. Beyond can be vaguely glimpsed a 
> terrifying world of pinkish oozing mounds, like moving flesh, set 
> against a blood-red sky. Unfortunately the brain and the vortex seem to 
> be standing between the company and the fishmen about to start firing on 
> the submarine.
> [/GM]
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