[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II

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> > [GM]
> > ...
> >
> > The brain turns towards the company, and two horrifying eyes protruding
> > from tendrily chords connected to the brain fixate on them.  "At least I
> > know you all will die, trapped here, for your sub is about to be
> > destroyed by mean remaining minions."  Now connected to this monster's
> > mind, they can see three fishmen somewhere in the domed structure beyond
> > carefully aiming what looks like a large laser cannon at the sub, which
> > can be dimly glimpsed, still chained as a fierce battle between fishmen
> > and sub crew takes place underwater.
> >
> > The brain begins backing away towards the vortex, which now clearly is
> > some sort of dimensional gateway.  Beyond can be vaguely glimpsed a
> > terrifying world of pinkish oozing mounds, like moving flesh, set
> > against a blood-red sky.  Unfortunately the brain and the vortex seem to
> > be standing between the company and the fishmen about to start firing on
> > the submarine.
> > [/GM]

> [Owen]
> Seeing the Brain moving towards the vortex, Owen will create a Wall of Fire
> underneath the Brain in the direction of the Vortex, seeking to cut off its
> escape, as well as give it something else to think about.
> [/Owen]

The wall of fire bursts into flame, unfortunately it's about ten yards
too far away.

> [Raven]
> Unaffected by the psychic attack Raven reached for the PPE battery that
> she had been saving. In her hand she had looked at the battery and
> considered tapping its power... then she had placed it back. Raven then
> handled her NG Laser Pistol and aimed. She fired off a few grenades
> into the vicinity of the fishmen [Strike: 7, 17, 6, 12].
> [Raven]

The grenades streak towards the fishmen.  Though only two of the shots
get reasonably close, their grenades, so it doesn't have to land in
their back pockets.  One after the other the grenades go off (Damage:
19MD, 17MD, 11MD, 14MD], knocking the fishmen off the weapon platform
and doing some damage, though it appears the weapons systems may have
already been programmed.

> [Alex]
> Concentrating on just the floating brain, Alex opens fire on the thing,
> firing a long burst. Her thoughts is that if she kills or distracts the
> thing that she stop the fishmen from destroying the boat [Strike: 12].
> She wonders if there is anything this dagger can do to help.
> [/Alex]

With the grenades going off and the added chaos that follows, Alex
shows her skills and lays a solid round into the brain [Damage: 54MD].
 The weapons fire makes clear some sort of field around the brain
which glows blue.

The brain is not idle.  Suddenly a burst of energy spouts from the
odd-looking sphere embedded in it [Strike: 17] and straight at Alex.
Alex manages to dodge [Dodge: 28], but the beam of energy leaves a
good eight inch hole in the floor.

> [Koba]
> "I can stop that cannon if I can get to the laser. Suppress those apes
> and cover me." Ignoring the large brain creature, Koba takes a
> suppressing blast at the two ape creatures with his pistol [Strike: 2]
> before  pulling the vibroblade from its sheath with the off hand. While
> the others fire, Koba will start running towards the cannon. If
> necessary to clear the portal, he will boost over it with the jetpack.
> [/Koba]

Koba's suppressing fire is off the mark but does force the
ape-creatures' heads back down.  Not only the portal but a wall of
fire now stand behind him as he runs towards the cannon.  His jetpack
flames and he launches into the air.

One of the ape-creatures fires at Koba's jetpack [Strike: 12],
striking Koba [Damage: 18MD].

> [Lyle]
> Doing his best to shake off the psychic attack, he can taste the blood
> in mouth. Still groggy, he decides to pull his grenades, he maybe
> fuzzy but he knows the general location of the the bad guys and lobs a
> plasma grenade trying to get it over the brain and vortex in the area
> of  the fish guys. [Strike: 9]
> [/Lyle]

The grenade streaks towards the already hit fishmen [Damage: 15MD].
Two of the fishmen are killed, and the others are clearly in no shape
to fight.

Quite suddenly Ted's prone body seems to lift into the air and begins
rushing towards the vortex.  The brain seems to stop in its tracks, a
visible field of energy engulfing it and Ted.  Ted becomes fully
conscious in time to see the vortex racing towards him.

Talas leaps up and charges the brain, using all his strength and
prowess and leaping at it, swords at the ready [Strike: 15].  The
field doesn't appear to do him any damage, but his attack does not
break it either.

Even as Koba reaches the cannon, another burst of energy leaves the
brain, this one so powerful it heats up the air.  It isn't aimed at
anyone, but rather at the dome itself.  It immediately begins burning
a hole which could very lead to catastrophic failure.

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