[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Alex and Carlos] Book 3 - Chapter III - Submarine Forward

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> > [GM]
> > The only way forward on the sub that Ted can see is through the hatch in
> > the floor in the bridge.  It, like the hatch the other party just went through
> > squeaks loudly, opening up on to a ladder that leads down to the lower
> > deck.  This deck is extraordinarily cramped, only six feet high.  Looking
> > towards the front of the submarine there are no separate rooms, but jammed
> > full of equipment, supplies, a section with half a dozen nasty looking
> > torpedoes are stowed right next to a torpedo tube, and a small laboratory
> > with a sign above it saying "Science Lab".
> >
> > Immediately beside the lab are six coffin-like objects.  Beside four of them
> > are several blinking green lights.  The fifth and sixth's lights are solid red.
> >
> > Looking back towards the aft of the sub is another bulkhead with a hatch,
> > obviously to another section of the lower deck.
> > [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex walks up to the coffins, she will not quite touch them but stay about a
> foot away. She will use telepathy to see if there are any minds inside of
> them if she can. "If there are people in these boxes, I only know first
> aid."
> [/Alex]

Alex feels her senses reach out.  As she sensed before, distantly,
there are four beings here, three sentient and one semi-sentient.  All
the mind's are faint, in what feels like a deep sleep, beyond dreams,
their sensory perceptions cut off.  From the three sentient minds she
can sense little save that they are there.  From the sentient one
she gets stronger feelings

*Hurt... scared... danger to masters...*

They seem to roll around and around, the semi-sentient being's mind
on an endless loop.

Alex can tell nothing of physical health.  The readings on the coffins,
tanks or whatever they are would need a trained medical professional
to make any sense of.

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