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[Carlos] Carlos is not sure what's going on so will be ready with weapon in hand 
if it's needed. [/Carlos]

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OOC: Haven't heard from Owen or Lyle's players, but will press on a
little further to keep everyone on the same page.

> [GM]
> Owen, Lyle and Louissa make their way aft, opening the hatch,
> which squeaks loudly.  Beyond is a dark, cramped passage with
> two doors are on either side.
> The first door on the left says "Captain" in both American and
> Dragonese.  The second door on the left says "Quarters".
> The first door on the right says "Galley", and the second door on
> the right says "Medical".  At the end of the passage is another
> hatch that reads "Engine Room".
> There is also another hatch in the floor.
> [/GM]

When Louissa hears Koba's warning about available air she shouts
"Gotcha!"  She looks at her two companions and winks.  "This
boat's so small you could almost hear a pin drop from the other end.
Well, let's do what the man says and find the reactor."

The three proceed to the hatch labeled "Engine Room" and open it
up.  As the hatch opens a few emergency lights turn on below.
As their eyes adjust, they can see the cramped engine room below.
It, unlike the rest of the sub, does not look so immaculate.  The
bulkheads and hull are bent and twisted, and there are signs of
quick repairs everywhere, not to mention a ring around the whole
engine compartment that looks almost like salt, suggesting that
the hull may have been breached.  It's hard to say how much
damage has been done, but it doesn't look good.

Louissa turns to her companions.  "Do you want to tell Koba
about this?"

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