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Seeing the destruction in the engine room, Owen will head back out and check the hatch on the floor.


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> OOC: Haven't heard from Owen or Lyle's players, but will press on a
> little further to keep everyone on the same page.
>> [GM]
>> Owen, Lyle and Louissa make their way aft, opening the hatch,
>> which squeaks loudly.  Beyond is a dark, cramped passage with
>> two doors are on either side.
>> The first door on the left says "Captain" in both American and
>> Dragonese.  The second door on the left says "Quarters".
>> The first door on the right says "Galley", and the second door on
>> the right says "Medical".  At the end of the passage is another
>> hatch that reads "Engine Room".
>> There is also another hatch in the floor.
>> [/GM]
> [Louissa]
> When Louissa hears Koba's warning about available air she shouts
> "Gotcha!"  She looks at her two companions and winks.  "This
> boat's so small you could almost hear a pin drop from the other end.
> Well, let's do what the man says and find the reactor."
> [/Louissa]
> [GM]
> The three proceed to the hatch labeled "Engine Room" and open it
> up.  As the hatch opens a few emergency lights turn on below.
> As their eyes adjust, they can see the cramped engine room below.
> It, unlike the rest of the sub, does not look so immaculate.  The
> bulkheads and hull are bent and twisted, and there are signs of
> quick repairs everywhere, not to mention a ring around the whole
> engine compartment that looks almost like salt, suggesting that
> the hull may have been breached.  It's hard to say how much
> damage has been done, but it doesn't look good.
> [/GM]
> [Louissa]
> Louissa turns to her companions.  "Do you want to tell Koba
> about this?"
> [/Louissa]
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