[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then?

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 20:49:07 GMT 2010

> > > [Alex]
> > > "Some sort of custom SAMAS armor," Alex states. "heard rumors that
> > > the Coalition copied the suit from Pre-Rifts records." She seems to
> > > be half musing to herself.
> > >
> > > She certainly does not want to have to fight a power armor with a
> > > pump pistol or even with her laser rifle if it comes down to it.
> > > [/Alex]

> > [GM]
> > The armored individual replies "Sir Justin, Cyberknight.  And you are?"
> > It's clearly a man, with what sounds like an aristocratic British accent,
> > at least it sounds like those kinds of characters from old pre-Rifts movies.
> >
> > The man does not lower his weapon, but neither is he aiming it at anyone.
> > With his free hand he gestures to his two dogs, and they move quickly to
> > flank the company.
> > [/GM]

The stranger replies, via broadcast radio "I'm not familiar with this
Coalition you
speak of, but my armor is a stripped down version of an Armatech SAMAS.  My
father was wearing it when he got spatio-temporally displaced from
Japan in 2098."

> [Ted]
> "We are trying to get out of here," the lizard man replies. He backed up, trying
> to keep both dogs and their master visible. "What do you want with us?"
> [/Ted]

The stranger doesn't have time to answer as at that moment the sub is again
subjected to a massive blow.  Everyone is tossed around and the last pockets of
air in the chamber are gone [OOC: everyone takes 8SDC damage, ouch!].  For
a few moments [2 melees], it is absolute chaos, the water so turbid and moving
so erratically that even advanced optics can't make any sense of
what's going on.
There's a large amount of sediment, suggesting that the sub has struck the ocean

When things become visible again, everyone can see the mini-sub has been heavily
dented and a considerable number of air bubbles can be seen from
around the dent.
The status of those inside can't be determined because the view port
is facing down.

Louissa keys her mic.  "Mini-sub, come in mini-sub?"

Osiris can be heard inside, "We're taking on water, and I'm afraid our pilot has
received a nasty bump to the head and is out of it.  I think I can
steer this damned
thing if you guys can get me turned around.

The chief problem with Osiris's plan is that it appears the airlock
itself is now
buried save for about three feet in mud.  There's enough room to swim through,
but not enough to take a mini-sub through.

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