[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then?

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> [Koba] 
> SAMAS type power armor right on top of them. Startled by the muffled sound of railgun fire, he 

OOC: What railgun? That's an Armatech SAMAS, not a USA SAMAS. Particle beam cannon, not railgun. Flashes of blue-white light and the odd lightning-like discharge, not supersonic reports and slugs. 

> "Wait, did someone say a this guy is a Cyberknight? They really are all over around here." 
> Koba says to himself. Opening up the speakers he broadcasts, "We have people in the sub 
> who need to have it intact to ascend to the surface. We need to move everyone away from that 
> rift outside and back to land. Can you help us?" 

Justin replies (radio) "The big sub or the mini-sub? Either one is a bit big for the boat up topside, but if you can surface in that mini-sub, the boat ought to be able to handle everyone easily." 
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