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OOC: Ignore the last post.  I mucked up some of the damages.  Pay
attention to only this post, accept no replacements or facsimiles!  There
have been some changes, seeing as the combined strength of Alex's and
Louissa's shots was enough to penetrate the Eylor Barge's force field.

>> [GM]
>> ...
>> It's then that Owen, Justin and Alex feel their sixth sense's go
>> off. Apparently they're not the only ones. One of the crew shouts
>> out "There's danger, an' close by!"
>> Over the roar of the wind can be heard the distant whine of some
>> sort of thrusters. Within moments, three hovering circular barges
>> are racing towards the boat, along with several watercraft, all
>> looking like they were designed by the Kittani, who the company
>> (sans Justin) had encountered during their brief stay in New
>> Argyll. As the hover barges come closer, the company is able to get
>> a good look at them.
>> [GM]

>> [Initiative]
>> Justin - 26
>> Carlos - 19
>> Owen - 16
>> Ted - 15
>> Alex - 13
>> Louissa - 12
>> Koba - 8
>> Osiris - 6
>> [/Initiative]

[Round #1]

> [Justin]
> Justin will hold his actions, until he can tell whether the new
> arrivals are enemies or not. Dangerous and hostile are not the same
> things, after all. He will radio broadcast to them in Elven
> "Greetings, I am Justin, of the line of Benedict the Battle Lord. Be
> you friend or foe?" then repeat the same in Thari and again in
> English.
> [/Justin]

Carlos opens fire on the fish man nearest to him [Strike: 15].

The shot hits the nearest fish man [Damage: 48MD], heavily damaging the
creature's armor.

Owen throws a pyrokinetic fireball at another fish man [Strike: 12],
hitting the creature [Damage: 20MD].

>> [GM]
>> A voice replies in thick, flat, emotionless Elven/Dragonese.
>> "Surrender, and you will not be destroyed." The message is repeated
>> in about a half a dozen languages, including American, Spanish,
>> Japanese and Euro, and then repeated again, as if in a loop.
>> About a dozen fishmen move to encircle the company, rather nasty
>> energy rifles brought to bear.
>> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "Here we go again...," Ted sighs as he sheathes his weapon.
> The lizard man launched himself at the nearest fishman with the
> intention of knocking him down on his way to the slaver. [Strike:
> 15]
> [/Ted]

The fishman attempts to leap out of the way [Dodge: 11], but fails and
Ted takes him down [Damage: 18].

> [Alex]
> "Everybody concentrate on the creature," Alex responds. She will
> switch to her C-12 quickly and open fire with a long burst on the big
> creature on top of the barge [Strike: 12]. She does not see any
> difference being a slave and killed on Atlantis and dying in battle.
> "Well, it has been a good run. Hope the Virgin takes me."
> [/Alex]

Alex's shot hits what appears to be the barge's force field [Damage:
40MD], which glows brightly for a moment.  Neither the horrific creature
or any of the women on board are injured.

"No slave market for me, either!" Louissa shouts in reply to Alex, as
she opens up a long burst on the nearest barge [Strike: 20 not natural,
Damage: 120MD].

This time the shot penetrates the force field, and hits the horrific Slaver,
which roars in pain and anger.

> [Koba]
> "I am not a fan of these folks or their options." Koba states.
> Looking around to make sure none of his companions are in or
> touching the water, Koba will lean over the edge and touch the water
> letting out a large megadamage blast of electricity into the
> surrounding water and fishmen.
> [/Koba]

Koba's electrical discharge, made more potent by the nearby nexus,
causes a haze of arcs.  About four of the fishmen scream in agony as
their helmets fill with smoke.  The attack is effective, and pretty
gruesome [Damage: 44MD], as two of the fishmen appear to explode in
their armor, one looks like he's been welded to the inside, and another
looks not unlike a rather cooked trout.

Osiris's pulls out his own TX-45 and attempts to spray all the
approaching fish men [Strike: Natural 20!], hitting four of them
[Damage: 21MD].

[Round #2]

The fish men do not pause, but neither do they fire, at least not
on the members of the company.  Elsewhere on the boat, the crew
are in fierce gun fights, and they are certainly getting hit, but it seems
the fish men's strategy is to surround and take on the company at
close quarters.  They are now perhaps six feet away from the company.

At the same time, the first barge arrives at the ship.  Immediately,
four of the women leap off, holding what appears to be some sort of net
made of glowing ropes, and moving quickly towards the company.

OOC: Everyone have a Merry Christmas, and if I don't post again before the
New Year, have a safe and happy New Year, so that you can all come back
and see your characters eaten alive by Splugorth Slavers!!!!

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